9+ Antonyms of Ability, Meaning and Examples

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The term ability encompasses a wide range of skills and competencies, and it can be applied to various aspects of human performance, including cognitive, physical, creative, social, and emotional abilities. A few common antonyms of ability are inability, incompetence, disability, inefficiency, incapacity etc.

Meaning of Ability

“Ability” refers to the possession of the necessary skills, knowledge, or talent to do something successfully. It is the capacity to perform or achieve a particular action or task. Abilities can be innate or developed through learning and experience.

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Antonyms of Ability

The antonyms of “ability” include terms that signify a lack of capability or skill. Some antonyms of “ability” include:

  1. Inability
  2. Incompetence
  3. Incapacity
  4. Inaptitude
  5. Disability
  6. Ineptness
  7. Incapability
  8. Inefficiency
  9. Inexperience
  10. Ineptitude

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Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples of the word ability listed below:

  • Despite his best efforts, his inability to grasp the complex concepts led to academic struggles.
  • The project failed due to the team’s incompetence in managing resources and meeting deadlines.
  • Her recent injury resulted in an incapacity to participate in the upcoming sports competition.
  • The workplace made accommodations for employees with disabilities to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Antonyms of Ability Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of ability from the options listed below:


Answer: Incompetency

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