In the Soup Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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The idiom “in the soup” is an informal expression used to describe a situation where someone is in trouble, difficulty, or facing a challenging predicament. When a person is “in the soup,” it means they are facing a difficult or uncomfortable circumstance, much like being submerged in a pot of soup where it is hot and uncomfortable.

The origin of this idiom can be traced back to the early 20th century, particularly to the United States. 

The phrase likely emerged from the culinary world, where soup has often been associated with something thick and difficult to navigate. 

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Usage with Examples

Over time, the idiom has become more widely used beyond the realm of cooking, finding its way into everyday language to describe various predicaments that people may find themselves in. 

Whether it’s facing financial troubles, relationship issues, or any challenging situation, people may use this idiom to convey that they are experiencing difficulties and could use some assistance or relief.

Mentioned below are some examples where you can use the idiom in the soup: 

  • After missing the deadline, he found himself in the soup with his boss, who was furious about the delayed project.
  • The company’s financial mismanagement left them in the soup, struggling to pay off debts and keep the business afloat.
  • Sarah tried to fix her computer herself, but she ended up in the soup when she accidentally caused more damage to it.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to In the Soup

Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words regarding the idiom in the soup: 

  • In a predicament
  • In a fix
  • In hot water
  • In a tight spot
  • In the pits

In the Soup Meaning Quiz

When the main actor fell sick on the day of the performance, the theater group was truly in the soup, 

  • Trying to find a replacement at the last minute.
  • Celebrating his absence as an opportunity to grab his role.
  • Feeling happy to cancel the shoot. 

Answer: Trying to find a replacement at the last minute.

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