What is the Abstract Noun of Beautiful? Meaning, Synonyms, & Examples

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The abstract noun of beautiful are ‘beauty’ in a popular sense, and ‘beauteous’ in a unique, but more formal setting. It represents the quality or combination of qualities that pleases the senses or the mind. Some of the synonyms of beautiful as a noun include loveliness, grace, elegance, and many more. Let’s explore more about the word beauty and beautiful with the help of its meaning, synonyms, examples, and quizzes henceforth. 

What is the Abstract Noun of Beautiful? – Meaning and Origin

Did you know the word ‘beautiful’ is a descriptive adjective? It comes from the Old French word ‘beal’, meaning good, fine, and handsome. Over time, ‘beal’ evolved into Middle French ‘beau’ and eventually into the English word ‘beautiful’ in the 14th century. 

The word in its noun form becomes beauty and refers to the state of being beautiful.

For example, ‘The beauty of the sunset took my breath away.’

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11+ Synonyms of Beauty

Now, take a look at the following words having similar meanings to the word beauty:

Synonyms of AttractiveSynonyms of Humble
Synonyms of EnvironmentSynonyms of Easy
Synonyms of HouseholdSynonyms of Awkward

Pictures of Abstract Noun of Beautiful

Here are some more synonyms of beauty you can overview and save for mastering their usage in the English language.

noun for beautiful

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Examples of Beauty in Sentences

The abstract noun of beautiful within the following sentence will further help you in deepening your knowledge of the word.

  • The beauty of the sunset took her breath away.
  • She admired the natural splendour of the landscape.
  • His painting captured the elegance of the human form.
  • There is beauty in simplicity.
  • The charm of her voice brought tears to their eyes.

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Abstract Noun Quiz

Last but not least, if you are confident of learning beautiful as an abstract noun so far, test your knowledge of the word with the following questions:

  1. Which sentence uses “beauty” as a noun?
  1. The painting captured the beauty of the flowers. 
  2. The dress flowed beautifully down the runway.
  3. The sunset was so beautiful it made me speechless.
  4. Everyone admired the beauty of her singing voice.
  1. What part of speech is “beauty” in the sentence “The world is full of beauty”?
  1. Verb
  2. Adverb
  3. Adjective
  4. Noun

Check Your Answers Here!

  1. a) The painting captured the beauty of the flowers.
  2. d) Noun
Source: Persona Institute for English
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