Mixed Prepositions Exercises (With Answers) You Should Try Now

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Mixed prepositions exercises: Do you need help in holding the reigns of preposition rules into your hands? If yes, then try the mixed preposition exercises within this blog article. It will not only help you distinguish between the usage of prepositions like – ‘in, at, on’, but also aid you in levelling up your grammar skills for any proficiency tests or competitive exams in a fun way. After all, you cannot trust anything but prepositions whenever you need to show relationships between a subject and an object, a noun and a pronoun, or any other words within a sentence in English. 

Mixed Prepositions Exercises for School Students 

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions to complete the grammatically correct sentences.

  1. The cat is ___ the roof.
  2. The keys are ___ the table.
  3. She walked ___ the street to reach the other side.
  4. He is hiding ___ the bushes.
  5. The book is ___ the shelf.
  6. The plane flew ___ the clouds.
  7. They sat ___ the park for hours.
  8. The dog ran ___ the field.
  9. We usually go swimming ___ the weekends.
  10. The ball rolled ___ the stairs.
  11. Please put the dishes ___ the sink.
  12. She is standing ___ the door, waiting for her friend.
  13. The children played ___ the playground.
  14. He jumped ___ the river to save the drowning puppy.
  15. The restaurant is ___ the corner of the street.

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Mixed Prepositions Exercises for College Students

  1. The conference is scheduled ___ Monday.
  2. The professor is known ___ his expertise in economics.
  3. The library is located ___ the third floor of the building.
  4. She is passionate ___ music and spends hours practising the piano.
  5. The students gathered ___ the auditorium for the seminar.
  6. He is confident ___ his ability to ace the exam.
  7. The internship program begins ___ June and ends ___ August.
  8. The cafeteria serves lunch ___ 11:30 a.m. ___ 2:00 p.m.
  9. We need to submit our assignments ___ Friday.
  10. The campus is surrounded ___ lush greenery and offers a peaceful environment for studying.
  11. The dormitory is equipped ___ modern amenities.
  12. The research paper is due ___ the end of the semester.
  13. They conducted the experiment ___ the laboratory.
  14. The career fair is scheduled ___ October 15th.
  15. He is enrolled ___ the computer science program ___ the university.

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  1. on
  2. for
  3. on
  4. about
  5. in
  6. in
  7. in, in
  8. from, to
  9. by
  10. by
  11. with
  12. at
  13. in
  14. for
  15. in, at

Mixed Preposition Exercises for Competitive Exams Preparation

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate preposition from the options provided.

  1. She spoke _____ a low voice, ensuring no one overheard her conversation.
(a) in(b) at
(c) with(d) on
  1. The climbers reached the summit just _____ dawn, witnessing a breathtaking sunrise. 
(a) at(b) after
(c) before(d) within
  1. He apologized _____ his rude behaviour and promised to do better in the future. 
(a) for(b) about
(c) to(d) upon
  1. The book describes the challenges faced by refugees _____ their journey to safety. 
(a) on(b) during
(c) throughout(d) across
  1. Despite the heavy rain, we managed to complete the hike and arrived at the campsite _____ evening. 
(a) by(b) under
(c) before(d) until
  1. He always stands _____ his principles, even when it means disagreeing with others. 
(a) by(b) on
(c) upon(d) for
  1. The lost dog was reunited with its owner _____ the help of a kind stranger.
(a) thanks to(b) due to
(c) with(d) because of
  1. The museum showcased artefacts from different cultures, offering a glimpse _____ their unique traditions.
(a) into(b) for
(c) of(d) at
  1. She excelled in her studies and graduated _____ top of her class.
(a) at(b) from
(c) on(d) the
  1. The building was condemned _____ structural damage and deemed unsafe for habitation.
(a) due to(b) with
(c) under(d) because of
  1. They waited patiently _____ their turn, eager to participate in the competition. 
(a) for(b) at
(c) by(d) since
  1. The movie was based _____ a true story that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.
(a) off(b) on
(c) upon(d) by
  1. He invested his money wisely and was able to retire comfortably _____ the age of 50. 
(a) at(b) by
(c) on(d) in
  1. The scientists conducted numerous experiments _____ find a cure for the disease. 
(a) in order to(b) so as to
(c) for(d) with
  1. She spoke with great passion and conviction, leaving a lasting impression _____ everyone in the room.
(a) at(b) on
(c) over(d) upon


  1. (b)
  2. (c)
  3. (a)
  4. (c)
  5. (a)
  6. (d)
  7. (a)
  8. (c)
  9. (a)
  10. (a)
  11. (a)
  12. (b)
  13. (c)
  14. (a)
  15. (c)

Advanced Mixed Preposition Exercises for Improving Grammar

Instructions: Choose the most appropriate preposition to complete each sentence based on its context and grammatical accuracy.

The ancient city, once buried ___ sand, was finally unearthed by archaeologists.

  1. under  
  2. in 
  3. with 
  4. beneath

Despite the ___ between them, they remained friends and offered each other support.

  1. argument 
  2. difference 
  3. disagreement 
  4. all of the above

The artist drew inspiration ___ the vibrant colours and textures of nature.

  1. with 
  2. from 
  3. by 
  4. upon

He was accused ___ taking part in the robbery, although he pleaded innocence.

  1. with 
  2. for 
  3. of 
  4. by

___ completing the project, he took a well-deserved break.

  1. Upon 
  2. Since 
  3. After 
  4. Before

The children ran ___ the playground, filled with joy and laughter.

  1. through 
  2. across 
  3. around 
  4. over

She spoke ___ in a confident tone, leaving no doubt about her determination.

  1. in 
  2. with 
  3. on 
  4. at

The book delves ___ the complex history of the region, offering valuable insights.

  1. into 
  2. within 
  3. on 
  4. for

He stood ___ the stage, waiting patiently for his turn to perform.

  1. on 
  2. at 
  3. by 
  4. under

Compared ___ her previous work, this new painting showcased significant artistic growth.

  1. to 
  2. with 
  3. by 
  4. for

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This was all about the mixed Prepositions exercises with answers in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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