What if Devi Vishwakumar Went to a Modelling School or a Fashion Designing Institute? 

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What if Devi Vishwakumar Went to a Modelling School or a Fashion Designing Institute

The most popular and beloved GenZ series “Never Have I Ever” took the internet by storm when it aired the first season. It is a perfect mix of humour and drama. Devi Vishwakumar, the main lead of this series is a pro-bad-decision maker. However, she usually ends up in the right place despite all the mess she creates. 

‘Crazy Devi’ is the perfect name given to her by her friends. She is confused about a lot of things, will make a mess of her life and yet somehow end up at the right place. Devi is nerdy but also outgoing. She will have all the knowledge of the world and can argue with anyone on any given topic, but have you ever wondered what career would she choose for herself?

Let me make this easy for you. No, I am not the scriptwriter of “Never Have I Ever” and neither I am going to tell you what will happen in Season 4 but I am going to make things exciting for you by presenting you with two mind-blowing situations. 

Situation 1: What if Devi Went to a Modelling School?

Devi and modelling sound like a combination of chocolate and momos. I know what you might be thinking. They don’t go together at all. But hey, you better not be underestimating Devi at all. She walks with a drooped-down shoulder with an expression of sadness like the problem of the whole world is on her. But how can she walk on the ramp floor with that body language and expression, you may ask? Don’t forget the confidence that she carries! Probably she might trip over the ramp but she’s still gonna do it. 

Situation 2: What if Devi Went to a Fashion Designing Institute?

Devi Vishwakumar has had a massive glow-up in seasons 2 and 3. Her style has a touch of the 90s that is quirky and comfortable and she doesn’t run behind luxury and the latest fashion designs like the majority of the teenagers. In a fashion design institute, she would probably be the most intelligent student who would know all the details of the fashion industry and the prominent fashion designers. 

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But what would her designs be like? I think I have a fair knowledge of it. Her designs would have a desi touch as she is Indian. Her collection will be vibrant, modern and comfortable just like the way she is. The way she dressed up in Indian attire in the series says a lot about how she will be as a fashion designer. 

Don’t we all want to see Devi in career roles that are way different from her personality? ‘Crazy Devi’ is a ‘know it all’ and she will definitely come up with unique ideas and tricks to sort out her problems or come out of her problematic situations. Well, who knows she might end up choosing one of these career options in season 4. 

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