How to Get a Scholarship in India?

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How to Get a Scholarship in India?

Every year, thousands of crores are spent on scholarships in India. These scholarships are available for both meritorious and underprivileged students. With the increasing cost of education, there are many students who are unable to fulfil their aspirations because of the high fees. The percentage of students enrolled in Class 10th is 77 per cent while the percentage of students enrolled in Class 11 is just limited to 52 per cent. In this blog, we will talk about how you can get a scholarship in India. 

Steps to Get a Scholarship in India

Students seek a scholarship when they are in need of financial aid for their study either primary or higher education. We have mentioned the process to get a scholarship in India.

  • Figure out at what age you are and in which class you are right now.
  • Shortlisted the scholarship that you can get at your stage.
  • The next step is to fulfil the eligibility that you are applying for.
  • Arrange the documents required and proceed to apply.
  • Now, if the conducting body finds you are eligible then you will get the amount.

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Types of Scholarships in India

There are various kinds of scholarships under which the student can avail his/her scholarship. Any scholarship is divided into three main classifications. 

  • Need-based Scholarships
  • Distinction-based Scholarships  
  • Special Scholarships for Indian Students

Need-based scholarships

This study-abroad scholarship is intended towards students who have less family income. This scholarship is also for those students who don’t have the means to fund their education in any way. At the time of offering this scholarship, the providers look at the academic performance of the students.

Distinction-Based Scholarships 

Academics is not the only determinant while awarding someone a scholarship. Instead, the scholarship is provided to students based on merit. Apart from this, the students are awarded this scholarship on the basis of what type of projects they have done and the performance they gave. The scholarship is also given based on the involvement of the student in humanitarianism about important factors which are impacting today’s world.

Another factor other than this, which affects most of the students is the cut-off percentage or marks which is set by providers. Keep in mind, the benchmark scores are based on the number of applications which are received by them. 

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Special Scholarships for Indian Students 

There are several types of special scholarships which are given to students who are looking to pursue higher education in certain fields. 

There are many universities abroad which offer sports scholarships to students who have proved their skills in certain sports. Similarly, there are PhD scholarships which are given by certain prestigious universities to students. These are those students who have excelled in fields like medicine, writing etc. 

Sources of Scholarships

Every student wishes to get into prestigious universities when they go abroad to study. Similarly, a lot of students are not aware of the main providers of scholarships for Indian students. Here are all the sources through which one gets scholarships.

Government Offered

Every government of the country provide scholarships to international students. For example, the Indian government provides its students with a lot of scholarships to its meritorious students so as to pursue their higher education. In the same way, countries like the UK, the US, and Canada also provide scholarships to international students. 

Universities Offered

The majority of scholarships for Indian students who want to study abroad are provided by major universities. All international universities are another source of scholarships which are meant for Indian students.

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Businesses Offered

Well-known companies such as Yahoo, Facebook, Google and others offer students different scholarships to study abroad. This is meant for all aspirants who come from various different fields.

Trusts and Foundations 

Several entrepreneurs come together to form trusts and foundations which offer scholarships for students to study at well-known universities. There are various philanthropic initiatives which are involved in selecting the nominees for these scholarships. Some examples of these scholarships are the Tata Trust scholarship. 


What are the easiest scholarships to get in India?

Here are some of the easiest scholarships which you can apply for in India:
(1) HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship Scheme
(2) Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA)
(3) Aditya Birla Scholarship 
(4) SHDF Scholarships 
(5) AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls

How much percentage is required to get a scholarship?

All those students who get admission n technical/professional courses without taking any competitive examination are also eligible for the scholarship. However, it is necessary that the students should not have less than 50 per cent marks are higher secondary/graduation level.

What is the most famous scholarship?

Speaking of the most famous scholarship, the Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest graduate fellowship in the world and also the most famous.

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