World Youth Skills Day 2023

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world youth skills day

World Youth Skills Day is observed on July 15 each year. This day is of utmost importance as it raises awareness about the immediate need to equip the young population with the requisite skills to flourish in present-day jobs. This day also promoted innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development by imparting technical skills and vocational training. This day serves as a global platform for action and collaboration between governments and international organisations. Additionally, this day of international importance also inspires UN organisations, governments, entrepreneurs and young people to prioritise and invest in skills development

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World Youth Skills Day Theme 2023

The UN chosen theme for World Youth Skills Day in 2023 is “Skilling Teachers, Trainers and Youth for a Transformative Future.” This theme emphasizes the crucial role of teachers, trainers, and other educators in equipping young individuals with the necessary skills to successfully enter the workforce and actively participate in their communities and societies.

Importance of Technical and Vocational Education

With the rise of technology and changes in the job market, there is a growing need for flexible and versatile skill sets. It is vital that we empower the youth to effectively navigate these transformations. Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is in a favourable position to address these requirements. TVET can overcome obstacles to entering the workforce, provide relevant and certified skills, encourage environmentally friendly skills and practices, and offer skill-building opportunities for young individuals who are not currently engaged in education, employment, or training.

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The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) identified the surging importance of skills in the life of young people. In addition, UNGA also recognised that the transition toward skill-based development is a sustainable growth and development mode. After realising both these factors, this UN organisation announced the 15th of July as World Youth Skills Day in 2014. 

This day was instituted with the objective of addressing and combating challenges to skills. Another aim is to reduce incompetencies by using skills to remove hurdles to work. Furthermore, the United Nations Organisations and its organisations seek to guarantee that the skills of young people worldwide are acknowledged and validated. For young people who still need to enrol in school and NEETs, they also provide possibilities for skill development.

World Youth Skills Day: Importance in India

Keeping in mind the aim of this day, the Prime Minister of India introduced the Skill India Mission on 15th July 2015. The primary objective of this day is to train young people in India in practical skills. The mission of this initiative of the government of India is to offer vocational education, certification and training to the youth of India. By doing so, young people will be able to gain better livelihood opportunities. 

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World Youth Skills Day is of great significance as it imparts knowledge about the importance of equipping the youth with the necessary skills to succeed in their professional careers. Here is why this day is significant for modern-day youth:

  • Promoting youth employment with skills and vocational training
  • Bridging the skills gap with TVET
  • Empowering the young population by making them financially independent
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Global partnerships and collaborations between governments, international organisations, and big businesses 

Important Facts

Young people are currently dealing with unemployment issues, on account of a lack of skills. However, they can learn new skills and take advantage of the upcoming new job opportunities. To leverage future opportunities, young people need to be aware of the below-mentioned facts, as stated by the United Nations Organisations:

  • Recent projections indicate that the global labour market needs to generate approximately 600 million new jobs within the next 15 years to adequately address the employment requirements of young individuals. 
  • The number of unemployed young people worldwide reached around 73 million in 2022, showing a slight improvement compared to the previous year. However, this number is approximately six million higher than the pre-COVID levels of 2019. 
  • In 2020, the proportion of young people not engaged in employment, education, or training (referred to as NEET) rose to 23.3%, marking a 1.5 percentage point increase from the previous year, reaching a level not observed in at least 15 years. 
  • Over the period from 2021 to 2030, the global youth population is expected to increase by more than 78 million, with low-income countries accounting for approximately half of this growth. To tackle this challenge, educational and training systems must effectively respond. 
  • By implementing environmentally friendly policies, it is projected that extra 8.4 million jobs could be created for the youth by 2030.

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Q1. Why is World Youth Skills Day celebrated?

Ans. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about skills and vocational training and empower young people to help them leverage modern-day jobs. 

Q2. What is the theme of Youth Skills Day 2023?

Ans. The 2023 theme is “Skilling Teachers, Trainers and Youth for a Transformative Future.”

Q3. What is TVET?

Ans. Technical and Vocational Education and Training or TVET refers to education and training programmes that equip an individual with practical knowledge and skills required for custom trades and occupations. 

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