Top 10 Dussehra Decoration Ideas for Office

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dussehra decoration ideas for office

With just a few days into the festive season, preparations for Dussehra have already begun in full mode. An office can be made more festive during Dussehra by adding a variety of additions and patterns. If you’re looking for inspiration for a fresh and original Dussehra theme, have a look at some of the quick and easy Dussehra decoration ideas for the workplace. These ideas will not take much time and effort. 

Dussehra Decoration Ideas for Office

Here are top 10 Dussehra decoration ideas which will be useful for office:

Puja Room Decoration

Before moving onto anything else, this is one of the most important part of Dussehra.There are a variety of ways to brighten your Puja room. If you have a sizable room set aside for the Mandir, you can design and embellish the entire space and give it a joyful atmosphere. Start by organizing the room according to your tastes after cleaning. Once all of this is done, start assembling the puja area with idols, flowers and finally diyas. 

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Rangoli Making

Creating a rangoli for your office is a great way to add a touch of Indian culture as well as creativity to your workplace. In order to make the rangoli look more beautiful, one can make unique designs or patterns for your office. 

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Decorating Office with Garlands

This is also one of the most important things when decorating your workplace. One can decorate the entire office with garlands made from fresh flowers. The smell of fresh flowers will not only change the mood of the entire office but will give the place a new look. 

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Floating Flowers 

The center of the office can always be decorated with floating flowers where fresh flowers can be used. This can be done by using fresh flowers and putting them in a huge bowl. To beautify this more, one can use lotus or marigold flowers which are considered to be very prosperous during the festive season. 

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Decoration of Diyas

Diyas are considered to be an integral part of the festive season. There is no Diwali or Dussehra without Diyas. Nearly all world religions hold the notion that light drives forth darkness and destroys all evil. In order to do so, choose terracotta diyas, which are environmentally friendly and reusable at the same time. 

However, there are many workplaces where diyas cannot be lit due to the alarm system. But one can always make use of the colourful diyas and use them as decoration. 

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String Lighting 

String Lights are another must-have during the festive season. Be it the workplace or home, these yellow or coloured string lights can be seen everywhere. To use them for decoration, one can put them on office balconies, around the office, terrace gardens, or near the office reception. 

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Eco-Friendly Decoration with Paper Lanterns

These days, paper lanterns are all the rage since they are so vibrant, colourful, and simple to set up. To make Dussehra evenings appear stunning, consider using paper lanterns to decorate your garden area or an open balcony.

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Backdrop for Idols

To decorate your office space, where the idols are kept. One can always make use of simple dupattas or sarees. To make it more decorative, one can always use string lights or add strings of flowers which will make the place look more beautiful.

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Bay Decoration

Another main area which can be decorated is the bay areas where people work. With office workers decorating their bays differently, the entire office area will look very beautiful.

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Office Terrace Decoration

Last but not least, one can also decorate the terrace which will give a very nice look during the night. To make the terrace area look unique and different, one can put a string of lights, make flower rangolis, lights diyas, flower pots and much more. 

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Here is a short video of several decoration ideas for the office:


What to do on Dussehra in the Office?

To celebrate Dussehra in office, employees can conduct rangoli competitions, conduct bay/ cabin decoration competitions.

How to decorate for Dussehra?

To decorate for Dussehra, rangolis can be made using organic colours or flowers. One can also decorate the puja area with eco-friendly materials and more.

How can I decorate my office bay?

To decorate an office bay, try to stick to a theme, add string of lights, make mini rangolis and more.

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