World Post Office Day 2023

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world post day

There was once an era when there were no smartphones that’s when we used to send messages via letters through posts. During that time, there were postman who used to collect all the letters and parcels from the post office and delivers them to the right person. However, we cannot go back to the time when we could send a letter but we sure can celebrate this day. In this blog, we will talk about the importance of World Post Office Day (World Post Day), reasons to celebrate and much more. 

What is the Universal Postal Union (UPU)?

The second-oldest international organisation in the world was founded in 1874 and has its headquarters in Berne, the capital of Switzerland.

The UPU is the main venue for collaboration amongst participants in the postal sector, with 192 member nations. It aids in ensuring a genuinely global network of modern goods and services.

The organisation performs advisory, mediation, and liaison functions, as well as if necessary, offers technical help. It establishes guidelines for international postal exchanges and offers suggestions to boost the volumes of mail, packages, and financial services growth and raise customer service standards.

World Post Office Day 2023: History

This day was first announced by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress in Tokyo, Japan in the year of 1969. Ever since that day, the World Post Office Day has been observed on 9 October as the Universal Postal Day was started in the year 1874 in Switzerland.

For all those who don’t know, the Universal Postal Day started the global revolution in communication and it started the ability to write letters to others in the world. Ever since then, several countries from all over the world have participated in the celebrations.

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World Post Office Day 2023: Significance 

The main significance behind the celebration of this day is to raise awareness about the postal sector. This day is celebrated to remind everyone of the contribution of the postal sector to social and economic development.

Every year, the Universal Postal Union organizes an International letter writing competition for young people. 

Here is a direct message from the UPI Director General: 

World Post Office Day 2023: Theme 

World Post Office Day is celebrated every year with a different theme. This year, the day will be celebrated with a theme of  “Together for Trust: Collaborating for a Safe and Connected Future.” Last year, this day was celebrated with the theme ‘Post for Planet.’ 

World Post Office Day 2023: Celebration Ideas

There are many ways to celebrate the occasion of World Post Office Day. There are several countries wherein the post offices hold special stamp collection exhibitions; there are open days at postal measures and there are workshops on postal history.

Apart from this if you wish to celebrate World Post Office Day then here are some of the ways by which you can celebrate this day.

  • Send letters to your loved ones or family this will show your appreciation for the traditional postal system.
  • One can also visit the local post office where you will be able to meet the staff, and learn about the process. 
  • Support the postal workers and show them gratitude by thanking them for their work. 
  • Learn about postal history. 
  • Attend local postal exhibitions

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Q1. When is the World Post Office Day 2023 celebrated?

A1. This year, World Post Office Day 2023 will be celebrated on 9 October.

Q2. Who introduced the concept of World Post Office Day?

A2. Universal Post Union (UNU) introduced the concept of this day. 

Q3. What is the theme for the World Post Office Day 2023?

A3. This year the theme for World Post Office Day is  “Together for Trust: Collaborating for a Safe and Connected Future.”

We hope this blog provided you with all the relevant information about the World Post Office Day. Keep reading our important dates blogs on Leverage Edu to stay informed about the news and important dates in the world of education!

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