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Guru Angad Dev Ji, the second Sikh Guru was born on 31 March 1504 in Firozpur, Punjab. He was made the second Guru of Sikhism by Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the age of 35 in 1539. Guru Angad Dev Ji belongs to a Hindu family of Khatri caste and his name was Lehna. But when he met Guru Nanak Dev Ji he got inspired by his teachings and became a Sikh at the age of 27. He together with Guru Nanak worked for Sikhism. Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave him the name Angad which means body part. Nanak Dev Ji announced him as the second Guru instead of his two sons. He led the Sikh tradition in 1539 after the death of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Keep reading this article if you are interested to know about his Life and teachings!

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Life of Guru Angad Dev Ji

Guru Angad Dev was born in a Hindu family as Lehna on 31 March 1504. His father Pher Mal belongs to the Khatri caste and was a trader. His mother’s name was Mata Ramo and she was a great follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Angad Dev Ji belongs to the Trehan Gotra of Khatri caste but when he met Guru Nanak Ji he adopted Sikhism and became a Sikh.

In 1520, at the age of 16, he married Mata Khivi. Later he along with his family shifted to a village in Tarn Taran, Punjab.

At the age of 27, Lehna met Guru Nanak, when he accepted his invitation to become his disciples. He served the Sikh community for 6-7 years with Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Kartarpur and gave up on the Sanatan way of living.

On 7 September 1539, Lehna was renamed as Guru Angad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He became the successor of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and led the Sikh community after the death of Guru Nanak on 22 September 1539.

Guru Angad Dev Ji died on 29 March 1552 after appointing Guru Amar Das as his successor and the third Sikh Guru. He took his last breath in Khadur Sahib, Punjab, India.

Guru Angad Dev Ji
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Teachings of Guru Angad Dev Ji

The third Sikh Guru devoted his life to the service of Sikhism. He established educational institutions to teach Punjabi instead of Sanskrit. He also invented the Gurmukhi script, i.e. writing script in Punjabi in India so that people can acquire education.

Angad Dev Ji also started the Langar facility and served free basic food. He encouraged people to volunteer and serve the community irrespective of any social discrimination.

Guru Angad Dev also emphasized physical activity by establishing Mall Akharas for those who are interested in wrestling. He taught people the importance of equality and social justice

Some other teachings of the second Sikh Guru are:

  • Oneness of God 
  • Naam Simran (meditating in the name of God)
  • Wandung (Sharing the earning)
  • Seva (Service)

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What is Guru Angad famous for?

He is famous for his contributions to the Sikh community such as the standardization of the Gurmukhi alphabet, the compilation of the Adi Granth which is considered the holy book of Sikhs, the establishment of institutions to teach Sikh scriptures and Punjabi language, and working to promote equality and social justice.

Was Guru Angad Dev Ji a Hindu?

Yes, Guru Angad Dev Ji (1504-1552) was born in a Hindu family. His father belongs to the Khatri caste of Trehan Gotra. 

What happened to Guru Angad?

A great loss to Sikhism was marked by the death of Guru Angad Dev Ji. He was died and buried in Khadur Sahib, Punjab, at the age of 48 on 29 March 1552. Before his death, he announced Guru Amar Das as his successor and the third Guru of Sikhs.

What age Guru Angad became a guru?

Guru Angad became the second Guru of Sikhism at the age of 35 in 1939. Guru Nanak Ji announced him as his successor and renamed him from Lehna to Angad which means part of the body. He served the Sikh community for 13 years.

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