National Cancer Survivor’s Day 

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National cancer survivor's day

National Cancer is an event in honor of millions of people who won over cancer. On this, we unite to show our greatest respect to the cancer warriors. This day signifies that a person’s willpower to live is way stronger than cancer. This day is not only celebrated to pay respect to cancer warriors or celebrate but also to create awareness among individuals regarding cancer and guide them in taking the necessary actions needed. It portrays the hard journey of cancer warriors who defeated cancer. It is celebrated on every first Sunday of June and this year it’s falling on the 4th of June,2023. Nonprofit National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation has been working together since 1988 to promote this day of National Cancer Survivor’s Day in the United States and all across the globe.

Name of the Day National Cancer Survivor’s Day
Celebrated on Every first Sunday of June, every year
Foundation National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation
National Cancer Survivor’s Day Date 2023 4th June 2023
Description of Holiday Celebration of Life

Why is National Cancer Survivor’s Day celebrated?

The NCSD Foundation describes the holiday as a “celebration of life” where survivors — defined as anyone who has endured the effects of the disease, from the point of evaluation through the rest of life — come with friends, families, and participants to raise awareness, spread information, offer services, and honor other survivors. This is done to demonstrate that life can still be full and fruitful after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

There is an outbreak in the world today, one that permeates all social classes. Neither wealth nor education can provide protection. The chances of becoming one of the nearly 2 million individuals who contract it each year can be decreased, but the origins of this scourge are still poorly understood. Every year, 450 men and women out of every 100,000 are diagnosed with one of the many different types of cancer and roughly around 171 men and women die. This day is a day where former cancer patients share their journey to motivate and inspire the newly detected ones and help them fight cancer and win. The main aim is to come together to pay respect to cancer warriors that while it wasn’t an easy road, they are now living their life to the fullest. 

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History of National Cancer Survivor’s Day

On November 20, 1987, Merril Hastings declared the first National Cancer Survivor’s Day at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship’s second national conference gathering in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hastings then registered the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the name Pulse Publications and submitted it as an International Class 042 Service. The first celebration took place on June 5, 1988. National Cancer Survivors Day was first celebrated on June 5, 1988. The method of celebration has been one of an open network, with local governments, hospitals, and other organizations doing events like parades and rallies separately but simultaneously. 

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What Activities are Conducted by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation?  

Anyone can register for an event on the National Cancer Survivor’s Day website and receive support from the organization as a whole. The organization provides a variety of services, including a speaker roster that includes authors, major and small celebrities, medical professionals, and others who are willing to help conduct events in their hometowns and cities.

Numerous hospitals, community organizations, and other cancer-related organizations that hold National Cancer Survivor’s Day events in their towns receive free consultation, training, and networking opportunities from the nonprofit National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. By bringing attention to the enduring difficulties of cancer survivorship, the Foundation hopes to enhance the quality of life for cancer survivors through National Cancer Survivors Day


Q. What day is a cancer survivor day?

Ans: National Cancer Survivor’s Day is celebrated every first Sunday of the month of June, this year 2023 it’s falling on the 4th of June. It is celebrated to pay respect to the individuals who fought against cancer and also to create awareness among newly detected cancer patients.

Q. Is there a national cancer survivor day?

Ans: Yes, National Cancer Survivor’s Day is celebrated every first Sunday of the month of June. National Cancer Survivor’s Day as of 2023 is on the 4th of June.

Q. What is the name of the foundation for National Cancer Survivor’s Day?

Ans: National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation celebrates National Cancer Survivors Day on every first Sunday of the month of June.

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