International Day of Peace: Theme 2023, Celebrations Ideas and More

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international day of peace

The International Day of Peace also known as World Peace Day is annually celebrated around the world on September 21 every year. This event is devoted towards strengthening the ideals of peace, both within the nations and people. The UN General Assembly has declared this day to be devoted to working towards the ideas of peace and how this can incorporated in the nations. Let’s talk about this day including the theme of 2023, celebration ideas and more. 

History of International Day of Peace

Established by the United Nations in 1981, in accordance with this the International Day of Peace is celebrated. This day is an opportunity to explore and engage with what it means to pursue peace and develop an understanding of why it matters. 

The United Nations General Assembly declared, in a resolution sponsored by the UK and Costa Rica that the International Day of Peace, be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace.

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Theme for International Day of Peace 2023

This year’s theme for International Day of Peace for 2023 is Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals. This theme is a call to action for everyone to foster peace. By fostering peace and contributing to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, one will get to create a culture of peace for all.

This theme is a push for us to understand how our personal and collective actions can affect and foster global peace.

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How Can You Celebrate?

One can celebrate the International Day of Peace alone or in small groups. Below mentioned are the 5 ways through which one can celebrate the International Day of Peace. 

  • Observe 1-minute silence
  • Join/Vist a peace conference
  • Sign up for Peace One Day
  • Share the message/importance of this day with others
  • Engage in intercultural design

Here is a beautiful poem written by Congolese peacekeeper and musician Pacifique Akilimali and Nigerian peace advocate and poet Maryam Bukar Hassan. This poem is narrated by peacekeepers, community members and influencers giving voice to a shared vision for peace. The participants hail from some of the 12 countries where peacekeeping missions operate, nations that contribute troops to peace operations, or contribute financial support.


Q1. What is the symbol of the International Day of Peace?

A. The dove is a symbol which is often associated with the International Day of Peace.

Q2. What is the theme for the International Day of Peace 2023?

A. The theme for International Day of Peace for 2023 is Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.

Q3. Who started the International Peace Day?

A. The International Peace Day was initiated by the UN General Assembly. This day was devoted to strengthening the idea of peace for all the nations and the people of the country.

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