Dussehra Holidays 2023 in Telangana

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Dussehra Holidays 2023 in Telangana

Dussehra holidays 2023 in Telangana will begin on 14th October and will continue till 25th October. During this time, all the schools and colleges in Telanaga will be closed and will reopen on 26 October only. The State Government of Telangana has released the list of Dussehra 2023 holidays beforehand, where all the schools, colleges and government offices in the state will be closed. Let’s check out all the Dussehra breaks and why Dussehra is popular worldwide.

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Dussehra Holidays in Telangana 2023

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Earlier this month, the State Government of Telangana released a list of Dussehra 2023 holidays, where all the schools, colleges and government offices will be closed. Along with this list of holidays, the government also listed some rules and regulations that must be followed during this festive season.

According to the academic calendar of 2023-24 released by the state education department, a total of 13 days break will be given on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra. Last year, this number was 14. Along with the Dussehra break, the Bathukamma festival will also be celebrated, which is a popular festival in Telangana.

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Bathukamma festival will start on 14th October 2023 and the first day of this festival will be a public holiday across the state. This festival will end on Durgashtami, the 8th Day, which will also be a public holiday.

The table below highlights the list of all the short-term holidays of Telangana State schools for the academic year 2023-24.

Dussehra Holidays13-10-2023 to 25-10-2023 (13 days)
Summer Holidays25-04-2023 to 11-06-2023
Sankranthi Holidays other than Missionary Schools12-01-2024 to 17-01-2024 (6 days)
Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools22-12-2023 to 26-12-2023 (5 days)


What are the Dussehra 2023 dates?

The Dussehra 2023 starts on 14th October and will continue till 25th October, which will be the 10th Day of this Hindu festival.

Are schools and colleges off for Dussehra?

Various state governments in India have declared a Dussehra break for the entire festive day. However, not all schools and colleges will be closed during Dussehra break. Students will be notified officially about any holiday during this festive season.

How many days of holiday is Dussehra in Telangana?

The State Government of Telangana has declared a 13-day off for all schools, colleges and government offices in the state on the occasion of Dussehra and Batukamma festivals.

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