All About Bathukamma 2023

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All About Bathukamma

Bathukamma is considered one of the most beautiful and colourful festivals in India. The festival is celebrated in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. On this day, everyone decorates their homes with flowers and plays Bathukamma songs. This festival of Bathukamma celebrates the relationship between the earth, water, and other elements of nature.

All About Bathukamma Festival Celebrated in Telangana

This vibrant festival is celebrated by all the women of Telangana. It is considered an integral part of the cultural identity, the festival is celebrated with flowers that grow only in this region. It is celebrated in the latter part of the monsoon season. The “gunuka poolu” and “tangedu poolu” are the most abundant and banti, chemanti, and nandi-vardhanam are some others that blossom in entirety.

The Bathukamma festival starts a week before the “Saddula Batukamma” (grand last day of the festival) and generally falls two days prior to Dusshera. Women visit their maternal homes. For one whole week, they make small “ Bathukammas” ( rangolis with flowers), play around them, and then immerse them in a pond nearby.

Finally, on the last day, men go exploring the wild for the gunuka and tangedi. Once it is bought, the entire household comes together to make a big Bathukammalu. The flowers are arranged in concentric circles on a brass plate (taambalam) in a beautiful pattern to radiate the different colours.

As the sun sets, women get ready finest attire adorned with ornaments and gather with the womenfolk around the neighbourhood. They then go circle around the flower arrangement and celebrate love, unity, and culture. They return home singing praises of Bathukamma with the streets echoing and resonating with the sounds of cheer.

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Significance of Bathukamma

The Bathukamma is celebrated to worship the relationship between Mother Nature, Water, and human beings. On this day, women make “boddemma” ( a clay form of Mother Durga in mud) and immerse it in the pond along with the Bathukammalu.

This festival is celebrated to magnify the power of the ponds and help it to retain more water. Flowers purify the water and cleanse it, thereby enhancing the quality of the air.

History Behind Bathukamma

King Dharmangada of the Chola dynasty was blessed with a baby girl after many years of prayers and penance and was named Lakshmi. The baby survived many mishaps during her lifetime, and thereafter her parents’ named her Bathukamma ( Bathu means life and Amma means woman). Most young girls and women fervently celebrate Bathukamma as a well-suited alliance. Families celebrate it to pray for prosperity and good health.

While several others believe, that Goddess Gauri went into a deep sleep after her duel with the demon Mahishasura. She is said to have woken up on Dasami Day.

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When Will Bathukamma Fall This Year?

This year, it is expected that Bathukamma will begin on 14 October 2023 and end on 23 October 2023. This is one of the most popular festivals in Telangana.

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Why is Bathukamma celebrated?

Bathukamma is celebrated to worship the relationship between the earth, water, and other elements of nature.

When will we celebrate Bathukamma in 2023

Bathukamma Festival 2023 will begin on 14 October 2023 and end on 23 October 2023. 

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