Did Chandrayaan-3 Wake Up Today

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Did Chandrayaan-3 Wake Up Today?

Chandrayaan-3 is the only successful project of the Chandryaan mission. This lunar space mission has successfully landed on the dark side of the moon and conducted in-situ research to study the atmosphere and surface of the moon. However, the Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover were put to sleep 14 days after the landing due to the absence of sunlight. On 22 September 2023, the ISRO scientists were trying to wake them up and establish a link with them again. Stay tuned and read the article to know “Did Chandrayaan-3 Wake up Today”.

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ISRO to Try Reactivation: Did Chandrayaan-3 Wake Up Today

Chandrayaan-3 was designed to study the moon’s surface. This mission was special because it was for the first time that India was planning for a smooth landing on the unexplored lunar south pole of the moon. The spacecraft has made a successful landing on 23 August 2023. As per the updates on Chandrayaan-3, the payloads of the lunar mission were able to detect sulphur and other minor elements before entering sleep mode. ISRO made a statement on 22 September 2023, that they had tried to re-establish a communication link with the Lander and the Rover, but there were no signals.

The Indian Space Research Organization also said that “they would continue to make efforts to build a connection with the Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover”.This is done to acquire further information about the moon’s surface.

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Is Chandrayaan-3 wake up today?

The Chandrayaan-3 Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover were expected to wake up on 22 September 2023, after 14 lunar days. However, ISRO space scientists revealed that they could not receive any signals as of now.

Did Pragyan Rover wake up?

No, the Pragyan rover did not wake up. However, it was expected to respond to the wake-up command but, no connection was established.

Is Chandrayaan-1 successful?

No, Chandrayaan-1 was not a successful mission because the Indian space agency lost the communication link on 29 August 2009.

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