Online Woodworking Classes

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Online Woodworking Classes

One of the prominently pursued courses nowadays, Online woodworking courses are highly opted for by students due to the availability of numerous online courses that helps in getting a plethora of job opportunities across the globe. Online woodworking classes have been highly opted for because these courses are available for affordable prices and sometimes free. These classes focus on delivering fundamentals of woodworking classes, such as making straight cuts and perfect holes. Furthermore, Woodworking classes offer students with expert-level techniques and the construction of timeless furniture pieces. If you are interested in knowing more about Online Woodworking classes, top platforms online for Woodworking classes, and much more, then Keep Reading!

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Best Online Woodworking Classes Platforms 

There are numerous platforms across the globe that offer online woodworking classes platforms. Some of the best online woodworking classes platforms are as follows; 


There are numerous online courses offered on various websites. However, Udemy is one of the best picks for overall best online woodworking class as it is easy to navigate and offers an array of specialised features such as labels. Udemy offers more than 100 online woodworking classes, and each class costs a minimum of $10 per class. These classes cover important topics: All About Wood; Woodworking: Fundamentals of Furniture Making; Creating Wood Art – An Intro to Handcrafted Wood Sculpture; and more.

Instructables Online Woodworking Classes

Another platform with a wide range of courses is Instructables. We wanted to highlight this free online woodworking class rather than its other classes. There are more than 50,000 students already enrolled in these classes, as it provides free membership to the site for free material. There are a total of nine lessons for beginners, with each section helping to build confidence. This helpful information is available at no cost, making it easy on your budget, which is the best part of this class. 

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The Weekend Woodworker

The popularity of the Weekend Woodworker is as these courses are offered by the popular creator of the youtube channel ‘woodworking for mere mortals’ by Steve Ramsey. There are numerous courses offered on this platform however this is considered one of the best for beginners. One of the drawbacks of these classes is that it comes at $150 for each class which is not budget-friendly. However, these classes offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase in case you didn’t like the course. 

Woodworking Masterclasses

Paul Sellers, a master craftsman, has created a collection of courses called Woodworking Masterclasses. These lessons are designed for skilled craftspeople because they focus on more difficult woodworking projects like making furniture and learning specific techniques.

Members are required to pay approximately $15 per month for a monthly subscription in order to access Sellers’ entire knowledge base. The site has an engaging design and it is not difficult to explore.

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Taunton Workshops

The furniture-making courses offered by Taunton Workshops stood out as the best because of the stunning final products. If you have the patience and the tools, they will teach you some incredible and timeless skills for making furniture.

There aren’t a lot of projects, but the ones that are there are some of the best on the internet. You are able to preview multiple sections of this program before making a purchase because it is divided into chapters and each chapter contains several high-quality videos. Each one will need to be purchased separately, and each one will cost around $20. However, they occasionally go on sale.

Woodworkers Guild of America

The Woodworkers Guild of America ranks highest on our list for its variety because it has one of the most varied courses on woodworking. These courses unfortunately do not offer a membership or subscription option, so you will need to purchase them individually or in bundles. The website has a ton of other woodworking content that can be accessed with a free, premium (around $6 per month or $55 per year), or gold membership (around $129), in addition to the courses that you can purchase. If you don’t need a step-by-step course, the video library might give you some ideas.

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Cost of Online Woodworking Class

One of the major aspects that you must know about online woodworking classes is the cost of pursuing online courses. However, many online platforms offer online woodworking classes for free. Online woodworking classes offer a range of prices depending upon the different budgets of students. Over a hundred woodworking classes are available on Udemy, some of which cost as little as $10 per class. The free version of Woodworking Masterclasses gives you access to several instructional videos. In contrast, the $15 monthly membership gives you access to over 250 project videos and four new videos each month.


Is it necessary for me to purchase supplies for an online woodworking class?

Yes, materials for an online woodworking class will need to be purchased. Everything hinges on your project. While smaller wood projects will require fewer materials, larger furniture projects will require a greater investment and a wider range of materials. The materials you need will be covered in detail in the courses you choose.

What Can I Make During an Online Woodworking Course?

Depending on your level of comfort and woodworking expertise, you can create a wide range of items. Use a simple table, a small wooden spoon, or a small wood barn quilt (on Skillshare) to go basic. Or, go all out with an Arts and Crafts coffee table, garden chair, or country pine hutch (from Taunton Workshops).

What are some fundamental skills in woodworking?

The first step is to learn about the various types of wood and how they behave, as well as the tools necessary for woodworking. Skills in basic woodworking include: learning to measure, cutting wood, making joints and angles, sanding, drilling holes, and choosing the right hardware (screws, nails) to join the pieces together are all part of the process. You’ll also need to know how to take care of and repair tools for woodworking.

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