Diploma in Interior Designing

Diploma in Interior Designing

Nowadays, people across the world want their personal or professional space to transform into a more sophisticated area that reflects their personality in an elegant yet classy way. Due to this, the interior design industry has gone through a revolutionary change and has now evolved into a professional field that is being pursued by many students. Since the industry has seen an uprise and a lot of new options have opened up, universities across the globe have started offering an array of certificate, diploma, and degree programs. One of which is the Diploma in Interior Designing. Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the program and the educational institutions which are offering this diploma course. But before that, let us understand what Interior Designing is. 


Interior Designing is an art of creating aesthetically pleasing structures. The structures are created in such a way that it has an essence of what inspired this design alongside representing a synchronization. The Diploma in Interior Designing aims to fuel the imagination in order to arm the students with the requisite skills which are mandatory to become a qualified professional. The curriculum trains students to create spaces that function as cosy homes or utilitarian workspaces. During the course of the diploma, some fundamental skills are taught. Some of which are: 

  • Structural requirements, building codes, safety and security issues, and so on.
  • Software applications for 2D and 3D designing using Computer-aided designing (CAD) and Building Information Modelling, etc.
  • Thorough usage of various colours, textures, textiles, etc.

The students will be trained to work in tandem with clients, architects, contractors, furniture dealers, and craftsmen. 

Diploma In Interior Designing: Universities

With changing lifestyles, the demand for interior designing professionals has increased. As a result of this, many institutes now offer a Diploma in Interior Designing. Some of the major universities offering these courses are elaborated below:

Florence Institute of Design International, Italy

The institute offers a two-semester long, Diploma of Interior Design. The course puts emphasis on the fundamentals of interior design like lighting, furniture, colour, and space planning. The institute also offers an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design. While the curriculum of the first year is similar to the abovementioned diploma. In the second year, the design concepts, lighting techniques, and learning material are explained in a comprehensive way. The students are also provided with on-the-job training.

International Career Institute, UK

The institute offers a Diploma in Interior Decorating. This course is available both in online or distance learning mediums. The program focuses on building a strong foundation in this field by imparting knowledge in various areas. The diploma runs over a period of 14-31 weeks. The institute also offers other programs like:

  1. Certificate in Interior Decorating (14 weeks)
  2. Advanced Diploma in Interior Decorating (31weeks)

George Brown College, Canada

George Brown College offers an Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing Technology. The curriculum equips students with the necessary skills to create innovative designs, plans, and 3D models. The program imparts knowledge in interior design theory, it’s technical and applied principles. 

Monash College, Australia

Another famous institute for Interior Designing courses is Monash College. The institute offers a Diploma of Art and Design and offers a platform to specialize in areas like Industrial Design, Spatial Design, Architecture, and Collaborative Design. So, with this Diploma in Interior Designing field, you get a good hold on the important concepts related to the field. This four-semester course provides students a platform to acquire knowledge on design and decor and apply the principles to develop plans for furniture, interiors, fixtures, etc. 

Thus, there are many universities available to pursue a Diploma in Interior Designing. If you want to enrol in this course but are not sure about how to get started with it then the expert counsellors at  Leverage Edu will not only help you in selecting the university but will also lend a helping hand in completing the admission formalities. 

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