Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Feelings And Ideas About Your College Life: Check Samples

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Feelings And Ideas About Your College Life

Letter writing is a skill for students that every student should learn. It allows pupils to communicate thoughtfully with their ideas, experiences, and emotions through the written word. For young students, learning to write a letter to a friend or family member is a fun way to practice expressing themselves. As the students grow older, letter writing helps them connect with others and share stories. In the list of mature write-ups, let us delve into writing a letter to your friend, sharing your feelings and ideas about your college life. 

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Format of Letter To Friend Sharing Feelings And Ideas About College Life

(Dear Friend) 

Opening Paragraph 
(Begin the letter by expressing your love and appreciation. Let him know that you’re thinking of her and that you want to take the time to write a letter.)

Share your feelings, Express your thoughts, Express gratitudeIdeas and Memories

Conclude your letter with a positive and loving note.
Your Signature
(P.S) Optional

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Feelings And Ideas About Your College Life: Sample 1

7a, Jopling Road,
Chunam Lane, 
Lamington Road,

23 August 2005

Dear Rohini,
I hope this letter finds you well. It is hard to believe it has been six months since we passed out from senior high school. Time does fly by. The college has been quite an adventure so far. However, I was a bit nervous at first about leaving home and being on my own, but I have settled in and made some great friends. 
My classes are going well. This year I have five semesters which include English Composition, Calculus, Biology, History, and Introduction to Psychology. English Composition has been my favorite class so far. Novel reading always fascinated me. Here in our syllabus, we read poems, and famous write-ups and analyze the themes of the chapter. My English professor is passionate about literature and rubs off on the students. However, Calculus is a struggle but for that, I take the help of group studies. 
Biology is not a favorite but a requirement. Dissecting frogs is another level of experience. History is pretty interesting as it helps in look back and get to know how the progress in humans have evolved over centuries and Psychology helps me to insight into human behaviors and minds. Altogether, I am enjoying all my classes in different ways. 

I have also made some close friends here. My roommate Shalini, is really sweet and helpful and is always ready to help in any way. She knows well how to manage things alone and teaches me the same. I met Jai, Mohit, and Sugandha in Psychology class and we all became study buddies. Rohini, having the solid support of my friends has made my journey to college much easier.
However, college is not just about classes and friends. I have also joined a college newsletter as a writer. Writing helps me to develop my writing skills and thoughts. Furthermore, I am also thinking about joining a College club as I want to get more involved in the important activities on campus. These activities are yet another opportunity to explore new passions. 

Of course, I am homesick sometimes. I will be back for winter break in a few weeks. Maybe we will meet up at the dinner and catch up in person. Let me know how your classes are going at your college. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am enjoying it so far. College life is yet another new adventure with challenges, but instead, we all give our best here. Stay in touch.

Your Friend,
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Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Feelings And Ideas About Your College Life: Sample 2

AMLI 77th Street Station
133 Barabanki,
Uttar Pradesh – 100098

28 July, 2008

Dear Bharat, 
How are you doing? I hope everything is fine on your side. Our last meeting was just for a few seconds and we could not discuss much about my college life, so here I am writing to give you an update on my experience in college life so far. 

Classes here are going interesting. I am taking five courses this semester. Though some subjects are challenging like Maths and Science, still they are good for my career prospects. The professors are quite helpful but when it comes to assignments they pile it on. But all this kind of pressure is making me disciplined about scheduling my studying. Most of my time is spent in the library but it has been rewarding to learn so much new and updated material. 

I am living in a college boys hostel which is yet another experience and adventure at the same time. At first, I and my roommates were strangers but now we have become good friends. We grab our favorite food in the dining hall. The food here in the mess is fine but I miss home-cooked meals. Some nights in the hostel are chaos with people laughing and giggling in the hallways.

For my extracurricular activities, I have joined the college debate team. Keeping my point of view on various topics interests me the most. Participating in the debate is helping me to improve my public speaking and quick-thinking abilities. I also volunteer tutoring center for an NGO, which helps them do their daily school tasks. Between classes and activities, I feel busier than ever but in a good way. 
Coming to college is a big change not only in my life but also in my personality and I am getting used to this wonderful environment. Let me know how your senior year is going and if you have questions about my college experience. 

Your Friend,

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Sharing Your Feelings And Ideas About Your College Life: Sample 3

Shalimar Apt.
Near Bharidasan College,
Village EastBangalore, Karnataka 

11 April 2001

Dear Vijay,
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take some time to share with you how my first-year experience has been going so far. I know we cannot talk much since we moved away from our colleges. College days here at Bhartidasan are an adventure. My classes are interesting as well as challenging than others for the most part. However, I am enjoying being able to take courses of my interest and it is fascinating to learn the foundation of the field I want to go into. However, the assignments and related workload are a bit heavier than in senior high school. I manage things with some adjustments and schedule my time wisely. 

Outside of classes, I have made some new friends in the hostel. We study together late in the library and have fun exploring new places on weekends. I have also joined a few clubs related to my interests. College life has given me opportunities to pursue my hobbies and meet new people of new cultures and languages.

Yet, I miss family and friends way back home. It is the first time that I have ever really been away from home for so long. But the idea of comfort makes me happy that I will visit soon. I can´t wait to see family and friends in person over this break.
Let me know how things are going on your side. I hope you are enjoying your last year of senior high school and thinking about colleges.

Your Friend,

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Q.1. How to write a letter telling your friend about your college?

Ans: Write a letter to your friend describing the classes, friends, and activities. In between do not forget to share your experience of how you adjusting and the things you enjoy the most.

Q.2. How do you write a letter expressing your feelings?

Ans: A letter expressing feelings requires honesty to oneself. Try to open up about what you are going through as it will help in connecting and finding support.

Q.3. How can I write my feelings better?

Ans: Try to use descriptive words for the emotions that undergo your way. Furthermore, you can also give examples to show why you feel that way.

Q.4. How do I write a letter to my college friend?

Ans: Start your letter with a warm greeting, ask how they are and what is their current update in regular life. Meanwhile, do not forget to update yours too.

Q.5. How do you start a student letter?

Ans: Start a letter with a greeting like Dear Friend, and state your purpose. 

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