Write A Letter To Your Mother About Your Hostel Life: Check Samples

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Write A Letter To Your Mother About Your Hostel Life

Letter writing is an important academic activity, given to students as part of their curriculum. It helps students improve their written communication skills and teaches them how to express thoughts and emotions in a relevant manner. 

For students who are living away from home in hostels or dorms, writing letters is a way to maintain relationships with family and friends. It helps the students express their experiences, challenges, and milestones.

To teach the practice of writing letters comprehensively, we are here to provide three important samples of writing a letter to your mother about your hostel life topic for the emotional and intellectual development of the student. 

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How to Write a Letter to Your Mother: Format 

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Write A Letter To Your Mother About Your Hostel Life: Sample 1

B-Block, RDSO Colony,
Uttar Pradesh – 223434

Dear Maa,

I hope you are doing well at home. I wanted to write you a letter regarding the updates of my experience living in a hostel these past few months. I know you were a little hesitant about me moving into a hostel instead of the university dorms. But I am glad that I made this decision. Living in a hostel is an adjustment but also fun at the same time. 

I have met amazing friends from all over India and even a few international students. I have made friends with girls from Assam, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and more. Our conversations are interesting and help me in learning about each other´s states and cultures.

Meanwhile, we have bonded over common hostel woes like the occasional blend of food, homesickness, and examination hectics. 

Maa, the warden here is quite strict but I think that she means well. She has specific rules about cleanliness in the room, quiet hours, and records of late nights that we spend outside. 

I know you are worried about the food. But honestly, it is not as bad as we have expected. The food of the hostel canteen provides simple homecooked meals like dal, rice, roti, and vegetables. Although it is nowhere like home-cooked food still it is decent. On weekends we also try our hands at cooking and cook chola puri together. 

Classes are going well so far. I am enjoying my subjects, but still Physics is my favourite. The teachers here are good and cooperative. I have also joined the badminton club and yoga classes at the university. I will teach you some new yoga poses when I am back home.
Give my love to Papa and Nanu. I miss you all but hostel life is shaping me up. Take care and keep writing, I love receiving your letters. 

Lots of Love,

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Write A Letter to Your Mother About Your Hostel Life: Sample 2

Commercial Tax Coloney
Uttar Pradesh – 223434

My dearest Amma,

Hope you are staying healthy and happy. I am writing this letter to you from my hostel room and wanted to tell you how I have adjusted to this new phase of life.

Firstly, I know you were worried about me managing everything on my own, but amma I have got it under control. I can cook simple food like Maggi and Pasta in the common kitchen. My friends taught me how to use automatic washing too.

My roommate Saloni is a very sweet person. We get ready for parties together and watch movies on weekends. Her warmth makes my hostel life feel like home. 

Between attending school classes during the day and chatting with friends at night, my schedule is busy. Sometimes going out for chai and samosas is fun too.

The best part about the hostel life is learning to live independently. Doing laundry by myself, budgeting my monthly expenses, and taking care of my health, all stuffs are making me responsible as an adult.

Of course, I do miss your pampering and no one can replace your warm hugs. But you will be happy to know that I know that I make my bed of my own and keep my space tidy.

Let me know if you need to bring anything from the city when I visit next month. Can´t wait to see you and share my college stories with you in person.

With lots of love,

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Write A Letter To Your Mother About Your Hostel Life: Sample 3

Pioneer House, 
Building Number- A 45
Noida Sector – 18
Uttar Pradesh – 223223

Dear Mother,

How are you? I hope everything is well back at home. I can´t believe it is already mid-terms here at the hostel. Maa, time has just flown by.

Staying at a hostel has been an interesting experience for me so far. My hostelmates are from all over the country. Some friends are from metropolitan cities, while some are from small towns I have never heard of. It is so fascinating to hear about the backgrounds, families, and interests of my friend. 

Maa, in some ways, hostel life is more challenging than I ever expected. Sharing a room with more than one girl took some adjustment. We had set some ground rules about cleanliness and privacy. The food here is not so delicious and I miss your parathas. We get simple homecooked meals in the hostel that sometimes go bland. 

The first week here at the hostel was difficult as I was away from home for the first time. But the girls here at the hostel have become like the second family. We study together in the common room at night, chat and even crack jokes. Meanwhile, while missing our homes, we cheer each other up too. Last week, we ate some gulab jamuns from the canteen in our room and also enjoyed our midnight feast.

My classes are going well so far. The campus here is lively too. In between my favorite badminton practice is going well. Late nights discussing our ambitions of lives and going on weekend trips together are some of the sources that keep me busy.

I promise that I will call home every Sunday. Please do not worry about me and learning how to take care of myself. Hostel life is teaching me a lot. Give my life to Papa and do take care of yourself. 

With lots of love,

Write A Letter To Your Mother About Your Hostel Life: Sample-Format

Find the sample of the format for write a letter to your mother about your hostel life below:

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Que. 1 How to write a letter to your mother?

Ans. 1 Begin the letter to your mother with warm greetings. Share your updates and how your feelings. Meanwhile, do not forget to ask about her health and express your love for her.

Que. 2 How do I write a letter to my mom about hostel life?

Writing about the hostel life is fun. Describe your daily activities, and tell her about your friends, classes, type of food you get in the hostel. Do not forget to to assure her about your safety, and happiness and do her appreciate her support. 

Que. 3 How do you write a letter to your father about your daily routine in a hostel?

Ans. 3 In a letter to your father telling her about your daily routine in a hostel describe the wake-up time, regular classes, meals, sports, academics, friends and everything important that goes on in your life.

Que. 4 How do I write a letter to my mother on Mother´s Day? 

While writing a letter to your mother on Mother´s Day express your gratitude for her, the love and sacrifices she made and tell her that she is the best mom. Cherish her with the hope that she enjoys the special day to the fullest.

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