Speech On What Makes Me Happy in English for School Students

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Speech On What Makes Me Happy

Life is a beautiful journey with many ups and downs. So, instead of making it more complicated, let’s make it a happier and better one. The ultimate goal of our lives is to live a happy and peaceful life. ‘Living a happy life’, is a motto everyone wants to adopt. However, it is the 21st century and living a happy life is not as easy as it may sound. To make students aware of ‘what makes me/ you happy, we will be discussing a speech on what makes me happy.

1-Minute Speech on What Makes Me Happy

Good morning to everyone here. Today I’m here to share my perception of happiness. Happiness is not a huge idea for me; it is made up of small moments that fill my life with many emotions. For me, happiness comes from genuine connections, the laughter of my friends, the taste of my favourite dish, the unconditional affection of animals, and a warm hug.

Defining happiness with something outstanding creates a temporary impression. True happiness is what lasts long in the memories. All of these small moments are opportunities for me to express gratitude, bring my creativity to life, and grow personally. 

All of these moments make up life, and this journey is all about self-discovery and personal growth while appreciating each moment, making it an unforgettable adventure. Finally, happiness is not a destination from which to derive eternal pleasure, but rather the journey to get there. 
Thank you! 

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Speech on what makes me happy

2-Minute Speech on What Makes Me Happy

A very beautiful good morning to everyone present here. Today, I want to share some good vibes with you all as I discuss a short speech on ‘What makes me happy’. Happiness is a broad concept that varies with each individual. Today, I want to convey what happiness means to me. What makes me happy? And it is the tiny moments of life that make it worthwhile to live.

For me, there are simple moments that make me feel lucky enough to be happy. However, not everyone will have the same experience with these small moments. Everyone has moments of happiness, no matter how small or large. However, I feel that big events might provide you with short-lived happiness, whereas seeking joy in your daily life can provide you with multiple opportunities to smile. 

I find happiness in the meals that my mother prepares with love or my favourite food at my favourite place. The smiles of my parents and the laughter of my friends reflect a positive outlook on me and my surroundings, making me feel immense joy.

When I help those in need, I am reminded of the kindness I have to bring a smile to someone’s face. The unconditional love of animals, spending time in nature, and doing what I enjoy gives me peace of mind.

But if I let go of the things that are tied to other people, it is my dreams and hopes for self-discovery that keep me wondering and amazed by life. And I believe that going with the flow of what the universe has in store for me is greater. Life is short, so smile and make people smile whenever you can!
Thank you!

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Ques. 1. Why is a grand celebration a short-lived happiness?

Ans: Grand celebrations are undoubtedly unforgettable experiences, but their happiness is temporary because they are dependent on external factors that do not provide a deeper sense of satisfaction and pleasure. 

Ques. 2. From where does true happiness come from?

Ans: True and lasting happiness comes from deeper sources like meaningful relationships, personal fulfilment, and a sense of life satisfaction.

Ques. 3. Why does happiness vary for each person?

Ans: Happiness differs from person to person because everyone has a different sense of what makes them happy. Their pleasure is determined by their life expectations, cultural and societal impact, and purpose in life.

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