Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your Exam Result

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Letter to Your Friend About Your Exam Result

Your exam result has been declared and all your hard work has finally paid off. You have scored well in all subjects and are excited to share all the details with your friend via a letter. Writing a letter to your friend about your exam results can be a great way to discuss your academic success and also to talk about your future plans. The sample letters listed below are primarily part of academic writing but you can also refer them for professional writing.

Sample 1: Letter to Your Friend About Your Exam Result 

B-23, 3rd Floor
Defence Colony,
Preet Vihar, Delhi-110051

6th May 2023 

Dear Rishi, 

I hope that this letter finds you and your family in great health. I am good too. Finally, the wait of the hour is over and my result is here. 

I feel extremely delighted to tell you that I have passed my 9th standard with flying colours and a percentage of 95%. My mom and dad are very happy. They told me that they were very proud of me and hearing that from them made my day all the more amazing. I am so glad that all those late-night studies, and all those sacrifices that I made finally paid off. 

I wish you were here; then we would have celebrated together, but no worries, When you are free, call and let me know, and then we will plan an outing together. Till then take care and all the best for your result. 

Your loving friend,

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Sample 2: Letter to Your Friend About Your Exam Result 

How to write a leter about exam results?

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Letter Writing Tips for Students

Letters are a great way to communicate with your friends, family and other people. However, while writing a letter, there are certain rules you need to follow. Here are some letter-writing tips for students to write letters in the best way possible.

  • What is the Purpose: Before you start writing, understand why you are writing the letter. Is it to request information, apply for a job, or thank someone? Knowing the purpose will guide the tone and content of your letter.
  • Choose the Right Format: Decide whether your letter needs to be formal or informal. Formal letters are used for professional or academic purposes, while informal letters are more personal.
  • Develop the Body: Use clear and concise paragraphs to organise your information. Each paragraph should focus on one main idea.
  • Conclusion/ Closing: Briefly summarise the main points of your letter in the closing paragraph.
  • Use a Polite Closing: Use “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” or “Yours faithfully” for formal letters and “Best,” “Regards,” or “Take care” for informal letters.
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Q.1: How do you write a letter of results? 

Ans: In the letter for results, you simply mention the result of your exam, whether you passed or not, your percentage, etc. 

Q.2: How to write a letter on exam results?

Ans: Dear [Student’s Name],
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inform you of your recent exam results for the [specific course or subject, e.g., “Mathematics”] examination held on [exam date].
Your results are as follows:
Course/Subject: [Mathematics]
Grade/Score: [B+ / 85%]
We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed the examination with a [grade/score]. This reflects your hard work and dedication throughout the semester.

Q.3: What are some letter-writing tips?

Ans: Be Clear and Concise: Clearly state the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph.
Be Polite and Positive: Even if the results are not favourable, use a positive tone to encourage the student.
Include Essential Details: Mention the specific exam, date, and results.
Offer Support: Provide a way for the student to reach out for further information or support.
Professional Tone: Use a formal and respectful tone throughout the letter.

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