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speech on water

Water is the source of life. From large ice-caps to deep oceans, every drop of water is important. Life on Earth is not possible without water. Our day starts by drinking a glass of water and ends in the same way. Unfortunately, our glaciers are melting, rivers are polluting and our oceans are filled with plastic and garbage. Did you know how much garbage is annually dumped into oceans? Estimates say that nearly 8 million metric tonnes of plastic and other waste are dumped into our oceans every year, polluting them and adversely affecting marine life. It’s high time to reflect on our mistakes and take necessary actions. Check out these speech on water samples for further details.

3-Minutes Speech on Water

Good morning to everyone here. Today, I’m here to discuss an important environmental issue: water. The first thing that comes to mind after hearing this word is life. Because without water, there is no survival. Water is the source of life in our world. Everyone, living or non-living, needs water to function properly in the environment.

Water plays a vital role in our health. As our bodies consist of 60% water, we require this fluid to regulate every function of our bodies. We don’t just require water to drink; it also keeps us hydrated by regulating our body’s functioning. Water also plays an important role in the life cycles of plants and animals, as it helps to sustain the natural environment. Without water, most species would become extinct within a day. 

Apart from regulating our bodies, it also plays a key role in sustaining the environment. Without water, there will be no agricultural activity, leading to a food shortage. Moreover, water is necessary for hygiene and sanitation. We use water to clean our surroundings, cook, and bathe. However, a shortage of clean water can lead to the spread of diseases.

Despite its great importance, people often waste this resource. They are unaware of the serious consequences that can result from a water shortage. There are still several places where people do not have access to clean water and are fighting for survival. But, rather than being cautious and mindful of their actions, they remain ignorant of the situation. The government has also taken several steps to conserve water.

Every year on 22nd March, ‘World Water Day’ is celebrated to raise awareness about water management around the world. To save our future, we must act responsibly and conserve this valuable resource. Even our small efforts can contribute greatly to a more sustainable future.
Thank you!

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1-Minute Speech on Water

Good morning to all respected individuals. Today I’m here to discuss an important resource that is often taken for granted: water. Without water, there is no life and, therefore, no survival. It is required not only for living beings such as humans, animals, and trees but also for nonliving organisms in the atmosphere. It is used for a variety of purposes, including drinking, cleaning, cooking, and maintaining the natural environment.  

Water occupies 71% of the Earth’s surface, however, only 1% of freshwater is accessible for use. Despite its shortage, individuals tend to overuse and waste it frequently. Billions of people from all over the world lack access to clean water, causing major health problems and putting their lives at risk. Conserving this resource is more than just an environmental issue; it is a matter of survival. And as responsible beings, it is our responsibility to protect this resource. By making small changes, we can make a significant difference to a future with clean water for all.
Thank you!

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Paragraph on Importance of Water

Water is essential for life and biological processes. It helps regulate temperature, digestion, waste disposal, and absorption of nutrients. Every living being, no matter how big or small, needs water to survive. Even an ecosystem cannot function without this precious resource. Water helps biodiversity by controlling floods and providing habitat for several species. Water is also essential for agriculture, which feeds the world’s population. According to studies, irrigation accounts for 70% of worldwide freshwater withdrawals. Furthermore, water is necessary for the generation of energy and other economic activities. Despite its importance, it faces several challenges, as people often misuse and waste this resource. The availability of clean water is directly related to public health. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), safe drinking water could prevent 1.4 million child deaths due to diarrhea each year. Despite its abundance, only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is fresh, with less than 1% available for direct human use. This condition places a greater emphasis on water conservation and sustainable management. As this resource becomes more polluted and scarce, we must take immediate action on an individual level to ensure the availability of clean water, which is essential for life, health, and development.


Q.1: Why is water important?

Ans: Water is a life-giving resource and as of now, it is only available on Earth. Water is important for us as it helps in the regulation of our body functioning and supports the survival of our ecosystem.

Q.2: When is ‘World Water Day’ celebrated?

Ans: ‘World Water Day’ is celebrated on 22nd March every year.

Q.3: How does water promote hygiene and sanitation?

Ans: Water is very essential for hygiene and sanitation. We use water to clean our surroundings, cook food, and take baths. However, a lack of clean water can spread diseases.

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