National Parent’s Day: Theme, History, Facts

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National Parent's Day

Our parents cannot be replaced by anyone in the universe. No matter what you have done, where you live, how much stuff you own, or how old you are, the feelings of love and attachment we have for our parents never go away. Every year on the fourth Sunday of July, National Parent’s Day is celebrated. The aim of this day is to honour them for their sacrifice and their supporting role in bringing up their children. Through this blog let’s take a look at the history, significance and theme of National Parent’s Day.  

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History of National Parent’s Day

National Parent’s Day is to encourage parents to reinforce their children’s excellent behaviour and to build responsible parenting. The other side is also true, as the holiday honours parents’ givings and the unbreakable link of love they share with their kids. 

By approving National Parents’ Day by law in a Congressional Resolution, President Bill Clinton created the holiday in 1994. The bill was presented by Republican Senator Trent Lott with the intention of “uplifting and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” 

Given that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are observed in May and June, respectively, it seems reasonable that National Parents’ Day be observed on the fourth Sunday of July each year. Activities and occasions are held to acknowledge, celebrate, and support the parental role in children’s lives. On this day, thousands of people from various organisations, educational institutions, federal and municipal governments, and legislative bodies gladly participate. 

The Parents’ Day Council mainly uses rituals to advertise the festival. As an illustration, consider the Parents of the Year award, which recognises individuals who, at the local, state, and federal levels, offer exemplary examples of good parenting. 

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National Parents Day Theme 2023

Every year, a fresh theme is used to honour National Parents’ Day. National Parents Day’s theme this year is “The Power of Parenting: Raising Happy, Healthy and Hopeful Children.”

National Parent’s Day Traditions

National Parents’ Day is a holiday celebrated every year, just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when people give their parents or other persons who act as parental figures cards, gifts, flowers, food baskets, and cakes. Family lunches or dinners are a common custom.

At church services and neighbourhood gatherings, special announcements are made throughout the area recognising outstanding parents. The holding of demonstrations and proclamations, which involve groups like the United Civil Rights Councils of America, has recently been added to the annual traditions for National Parents’ Day.

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Interesting Facts About National Parents’ Day

  • The proportion of kids living in families with two married parents is 64%.
  • 25% of kids are more physically healthy if both of their biological parents reside with them.
  • 50% of kids are more likely to experience health issues as a result of their parent’s divorce.
  • Households headed by a lone father have multiplied by 9x since 1960.
  • The proportion of single moms who have never been married is 49%.

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Ways to Celebrate National Parents’ Day

  1. Send them an unexpected gift. Giving your parents a thoughtful present doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The finest kind of gift is one that is thoughtful and personal. It may be something like a keychain with a picture of the family on it. Another option is to compile a scrapbook with precious memories and images of the whole family. Or perhaps you could compose a poem and frame it beautifully? There are many different alternatives available. You can be sure that your parents will value this.
  1. Plan a customised and special vacation specifically for your parents. It is another way to show them how much you care. Of course, if your finances would let it, you may arrange an excursion or vacation of a lifetime. Not all of us, though, have the resources to accomplish this! Instead, you may prepare for your parents and let them enjoy a special dinner at home, or you might take them out to dine! Don’t push yourself over your limits. If you have spent all of your money on your parents, they won’t be pleased. So take action within your limits and think of something special they may appreciate.
  1. Make a personalised video. It is a fantastic idea to create a personalised video greeting for your parents if you don’t live close by and can’t visit them on this memorable day. You may use this to express your love and appreciation for your parents, as well as to go down memory lane and share some of the priceless moments you have shared with them. This will demonstrate how much you value such times, just like they do.

Whatever you choose to give them on this significant occasion, be sure to express gratitude for them and make them feel special so they will feel valued and have a lasting memory. 


Ques: Why National Parents’ Day?

Ans: To strengthen the love between family members, express gratitude to parents for their dedication to raising a family, and foster a happy and understanding environment.

Ques: Who started National Parents’ Day?

Ans: The fourth Sunday in July of each year is designated as National Parents’ Day thanks to a statute that President Bill Clinton signed in 1994 and a resolution that the US Congress approved.

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