Feminism Dissertation Topics 

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Feminism Dissertation Topics

People who believe women should have the same opportunities and rights as men will likely take on feminist research topics. Feminism Dissertation topics are focused on promoting historical, political, and social movements focused on achieving gender equality while eliminating discrimination. Since the 19th century, feminism has been a major topic of discussion in a dominant society where male dominates female. If you want to know more about Feminism dissertation topics, how to structure Feminism dissertation topics, how to choose, and much more, then keep reading!

How to Write Feminism Dissertation Topics?

Writing a feminist dissertation, as well as feminist dissertation topics, can be a challenging task as it requires strong organizational and management skills to complete this vast topic on time. However, most students need more time to pass the final paper mainly because they must schedule their work and plan. 

Structure of Feminism Dissertation Topics

Before working on feminist dissertation topics, being familiar with the structure is essential. So here is a basic structure for feminism dissertation topics; 

  • Title — it must be a Feminism Dissertation topic.
  • Abstract – you are required to include a summary.
  • Introduction – the introduction explains the Feminism Dissertation topics in a precise manner. 
  • Review of Literature 
  • Methodology – this section must include a description, methods used in data collection, and much more. 
  • Conclusion or an overview of the entire topic. 
  • Recommendation
  • References – This section must include all the referenced text in the feminism dissertation topics.
  • Appendix

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List of Feminism Dissertation Topics

Some of the amazing feminisim dissertation topics are listed below. 

  1. What impact does feminism have on conventional conceptions of gender roles?
  2. How have women hindered feminist advocacy as well?
  3. Is feminism still just about women, or does it encompasses everyone?
  4. Investigate the possibility of an American female president.
  5. Examine the connection between feminism and sports.
  6. Discussion of Olympe de Gouges’ and Betty Friedan’s fight for equality, as well as the contribution of female social reformers and activists in the United States, the entertainment industry, and the #MeToo movement
  7. Discuss how feminists helped single mothers establish their identity. What impact do feminist ideas have on women’s personal lives?
  8. Can the feminist movement result in women’s superiority?
  9. Is there a correlation between a person’s gender and the type of social media they use?
  10. Policy regarding British postgraduate funding and gender: primary issues
  11. What is the theory of feminism?

Feminist Theory Research Paper Topics

  1. How do feminists help society eliminate the threat of rape and other forms of violence against women?
  2. The guise of hoodlums can be feminism: Make sense of and legitimize
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Communist woman’s Rights
  4. Look into the relationship between Communist woman’s rights and Extremist women’s liberation.
  5. Examine the postmodern/poststructuralist woman’s rights hypothesis.
  6. Wrongdoing, criminal science, and ladies: A critique of feminism.
  7. Talk about the differences between the first and second waves of the feminist movement. Schism in the feminist movement
  8. Why Chile’s new constitution is a Feminist Victory
  9. The Role of the feminist movement in Society Domestic Violence and Feminism
  10. Feminism in Two Sisters
  11. What countries are the most prominent feminist flashpoints?
  12. How do governments deal with feminist movements?
  13. Which ethnic groups do not practice feminism?

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Interesting Feminist Project Ideas

Some of the project ideas on the topic are as follows 

  1. The resemblance of feminism to rebellion 
  2. Women’s right to own a property
  3. Challenges faced by women during World War II
  4. Women do activities during the civil rights movement.
  5. History of Europe concerning women’s rights. 
  6. Significance of feminism concerning the increase in education against rape
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of being identified as a feminist.
  8. Future of feminism concerning Taliban in Afghanistan
  9. Future of feminism as hoodlums as well as violators
  10. Role of Asian women in feminism movements
  11. Examine the morality of feminism.
source: Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press) on YT

Tips for Writing Feminisim Dissertation Topics 

To help you in writing feminist dissertation topics without any mistakes then, here are some tips that you may follow; 

  • Ask people to read your dissertation topics and make comments about the same so that you know what is correct and what is not. 
  • You are suggested to work with a hard copy instead of making corrections while reading the text on the screen.
  •  Do not try to proofread your feminism dissertation at one time. Thus you must break your text into various parts to avoid distraction. 
  • Reading the text or feminism dissertation topics aloud is highly recommended as it helps you recognize grammatical errors. 
  • Prevent sounding monotonous, and try using sentences with varied lengths and patterns. 


Ques. What are the possible feminist research topics?

Ans. Some of the popular feminist topics are as follows; 
Domestic violence and feminism.
Activation of feminism in the XXI century.
The role of a woman in the modern world of business.
What are the main contributions of feminism to the contemporary lifestyle?
The role of the Internet in feminism publicity.

Ques. Is feminism a research topic?

Ans. Feminist topics are becoming even more common in research papers. The main reason is the increasing importance of discussing such issues in colleges and other educational institutions. Research paper on the feminist topic is not the most sophisticated task as you may think.

Ques. What is a good title for feminism?

Ans. Some of the Top Feminism Title Ideas are as follows; 
21st Century Patriarchy.
Third Wave Feminism.
Men in the Movement.
Gender Roles in Sports.
Femininity in Media.
The History of Feminist Slogans.
Must-Read Feminist Books.
Feminist Perspective in Politics.

You can get help with your dissertation from our online experts and write an engaging research paper on feminism using the feminist research topics suggested in this blog post. When choosing a topic for your feminism research paper, always pick one that piques your interest and provides ample opportunity to discuss and back up your claims with evidence. Likewise, when you make your women’s liberation paper frame, please structure it appropriately by including presentation, body, and end passages.

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