Holiday Homework for Class 4 All Subjects 

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Holiday Homework for Class 4 All Subjects

Holidays are a time for fun and relaxation, but we also have some exciting learning adventures planned for you! This holiday homework for Class 4 covers all the important subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, and Computer Science. So, gather your pencils, pens, crayons, and curiosity, and get ready to explore, solve, and create while having a blast. Let’s make this holiday both enjoyable and educational!

Creative Holiday Homework for Class 4: All Subjects

Check out the engaging and fun holiday homework for class 4 all subjects below and make learning a continuous process for young brains.

1. Subject: English (Grammar & Writing)

Question 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb
She ___ (run) very fast.
They ___ (play) in the park yesterday.

Question 2: Choose the correct conjunction
I want to play, ___ I have to do my homework. (but, and)

Question 3: Identify the adjective in the sentence
The beautiful flower is in the garden.

Question 4: Write a paragraph about your favourite holiday.

Question 5: Write a letter to your grandparents telling them about your school.

Question 6: Create a poem about nature.

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2. Subject: Mathematics (Numbers & Operations)

3. Subject: Science (Living Things & their surroundings)

Question 13: Name five living and five non-living things.

Question 14: Explain the water cycle with a diagram.

Question 15: Name the five sense organs and their functions.

Question 16: True or False
Plants need sunlight to grow.
Birds can swim underwater.

Question 17: How do animals adapt to their environment? Give two examples.

Question 18: What is photosynthesis?

4. Subject: Social Studies (History & Geography)

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5. Environmental Studies (Environmental Awareness & Health)

Question 25: List three ways to conserve water.

Question 26: True or False
Recycling helps reduce waste.
Plants produce oxygen.

Question 27: Why is it important to keep our environment clean?

Question 28: Draw and label a diagram of the water cycle.

Question 29: Explain the importance of trees.

Question 30: Write a paragraph on the importance of wildlife conservation.

6. General Knowledge 

holiday homework for class 4 all subjects

7. Computer Science (Basic Concepts & Applications)

Question 30: What is the function of a printer?

Question 31: What is the use of the internet?

Question 32: Name three types of software.

Question 33: Explain the difference between hardware and software.

Question 34: Draw a picture of a computer.

Question 35: What are the basic steps to turn on a computer?

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Q.1. Is holiday homework necessary?

Ans: Students benefit from having holiday assignments because it helps them build self-discipline and encourages them to take responsibility for their learning.

Q.2. How do you complete holiday homework in one day?

Ans: Plan your schedule well in advance. Keep your study place neat and organised your study materials handy.

Q.3. How do I enjoy homework?

Ans: One of the best ways to make homework more manageable (and even fun) is to set tiny goals. Instead of thinking of homework as one big, looming task, break it down into chunks. Give yourself a short break after every few problems or pages, and reward yourself with something you enjoy after you’ve completed your goal.

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