Holiday Homework for Class 3 EVS: Check Out Ideas Here! 

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Holiday Homework for Class 3 EVS

Summer vacation is not just a time for enjoyment and relaxation; it’s also an excellent opportunity for young children to continue learning and stay active. Forget about tedious spreadsheets! This blog post presents various creative EVS holiday homework ideas for kids in Class 3. We’ll explore activities including multiple-choice questions (MCQs), fill-in-the-blank exercises, short-answer, long-answer, and interactive projects designed to engage kids, teachers, and parents in summer learning. Dive into these fun and educational tasks that will make summer both enjoyable and productive for young learners.

EVS Holiday Homework for Class 3

1. Multiple questions (MCQs)

1.1 Which of the following is NOT a plant? 
a) Mango tree
b) Mushroom
c) Chair
d) Rose

1.2. Birds use their wings to _____.
a) Swim
b) Fly 
c) Crawl
d) Hop

1.3. What do baby animals drink after they are born?
a) Water 
b) Milk 
c) Juice
d) Soda

1.4. What can we use instead of disposable plates to save the environment? 
a) Plastic plates
b) Paper plates
c) Reusable plates
d) Spoons

1.5. The process of boiling water kills harmful _____. 
a) Germs 
b) Sugar
c) Colors
d) Bubbles

2. Fill in the Blanks

EVS holiday homework for class 3

3. Short Answer

1. Name two healthy foods you should eat every day.
2. What happens to dirty water if we drink it?
3. How can we save water at home?
4. What are the two main parts of a plant?
5. How do plants help us?

4. Long Answer

holiday homework of evs for class 3

5. Exercises

1. Imagine you are building a city. Use different materials (clay, cardboard, etc.) to create a model that incorporates various landforms (mountains, hills, plains, etc.).

2. Label each landform and explain how it affects the different parts of your city (residential areas, farms, etc.).

3. Create a simple family tree showing your parents, grandparents, and siblings (if any). You can decorate it with pictures or drawings.

4. Make a list of all the resources you used this morning (water, food, electricity, etc.)

5. Discuss with your classmates how each resource is important and brainstorm ways to conserve them.

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Q.1. How to create holiday homework?

Ans: Create a schedule that fits around your holiday plans, and stick to it as much as possible.

Q.2. How to finish holiday homework in 2 days?

Ans: Here are some ways to finish holiday homework on time:

1. Set a study schedule. During the holidays, you can have a lot going on, so it’s crucial to make sure you schedule time each day for studying. 
2. Get rid of online distractions. 
3. Take short breaks. 
4. Check your work. 
5. Prepare your material.

Q.3. How do you spend holiday homework?

Ans: Plan your schedule well in advance. Keep your study place neat and organized, and keep your study materials handy. This way, you will not waste any of your scheduled time, which you plan to set aside for studying and finishing the homework. If you need help doing the homework, ask for it.

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