Holiday Homework for Class 2 EVS: Interactive and Engaging Ideas

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Holiday Homework for Class 2 EVS

Summer vacation is not just a time for fun and relaxation; it’s also a wonderful opportunity for young children to continue learning and stay active. Instead of relying on dull spreadsheets, this blog post presents an array of creative EVS (Environmental Studies) holiday homework ideas for Class 2 students. We’ll explore engaging activities such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs), fill-in-the-blank exercises, short-answer and long-answer tasks, and interactive projects. These activities are designed to captivate children, teachers, and parents alike, making summer enjoyable and educational for young learners. Dive into these exciting and productive summer learning adventures!

EVS Holiday Homework for Class

1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1.1 Which of the following is NOT an animal?
a)  Butterfly
b) Stone
c) Dog
d) Elephant

1.2. Snakes move by _____. 
a) Slithering
b) Swimming
c) Flying
d) Walking

1.3. What sound might a cow make?
a) Meow
b) Moo
c) Woof
d) Quack

1.4. What do some plants give us that helps us breathe clean air? 
a) Water
b) Oxygen
c) Food

1.5. Plants use sunlight to make their food in a process called _____.
a) Sleeping
b) Growing
c) Photosynthesis 
d) Drinking

2. Fill in the Blanks

3. Short Answer

1. Name two animals with fur.
2. How do birds fly?
3. What are two things plants need to grow?
4. What do we get from some plants?
5. How do plants breathe?

4. Long Answer

Holiday Homework for Class 2 EVS

5. Exercises

1. Collect pictures or cutouts from magazines or newspapers that represent different festivals (Diwali lights, Onam boat race, etc.).
2. Include the places you mentioned in the short answer questions (shops, parks, schools, etc.).
3. Label the different parts of the body (head, arms, legs, etc.).Observe the plant every day for a week and record your observations in a chart.
4. Research different types of animal homes (bird nests, spider webs, and dog houses).

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Q.1. How to do holiday homework in 10 days?

Ans: Start your homework from day one.

Q.2. What is the objective of holiday homework?

Ans: Homework assignments given during the holiday break are intended to support and enhance learning by encouraging students’ independent study, critical thinking, and self-discipline.

Q.3. How to make homework easy?

Ans: 4 Ways to Make Homework Easier
1. Create a homework plan. Understand the assignment.
2. Find a good place to work. Where do you do it when you settle down to study or do homework?
3. Get to work. Get in the right mood.
4. Get help when you need it.

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