Holiday Homework for Class 1 Computer

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Holiday Homework for Class 1 Computer

Summer vacation is a time for enjoyment and relaxation, and it’s also a wonderful opportunity for young children to keep learning and stay active. Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets! This blog post presents creative ideas for holiday homework for class 1 computer. We’ll explore various engaging activities, including multiple-choice questions (MCQs), fill-in-the-blank exercises, short-answer, long-answer, and interactive projects. These tasks are designed to make summer learning fun and engaging for kids, teachers, and parents.

Computer Holiday Homework for Class 1

1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1.1 Which of these is NOT something you can see on the computer screen?

a) A picture of a cat
b)  A yummy cake
c)  A loud noise

1.2. We click the mouse to _____. 
a) Open a game
b) Make the computer sing
c) Turn the computer off

1.3. How do we turn the computer on? 
a) Power button 
b) Keyboard
c) Mouse

1.4. We use the keyboard to: 
a) Draw pictures
b) Play games
c) Write our names

1.5. We use the mouse to _____. 
a) Type our names
b) Open a game
c) Turn on the computer

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2. Fill in the Blanks

Holiday Homework for Class 1 Computer

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3. Short Answer

1. What can you see on the computer screen?
2. Name one way you can interact with the computer.
3. What do we use a mouse for?
4. What is a computer?
5. Name two things you can do on a computer.

4. Long Answer

Holiday Homework for Class 1 Computer

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5. Exercises

1. Draw a picture of yourself playing a fun computer game.
2. Colour your picture and try to show what’s happening on the screen.
3. On a separate sheet of paper, write the name of your favourite computer game (or describe it if you can’t write yet).
4. Pretend you’re using the computer to paint a picture.
5. On a separate sheet of paper, draw a picture of yourself using the mouse to paint something colourful on the computer screen.

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Q.1. How to create holiday homework?

Ans: Make a plan that accommodates your vacation schedule and try your best to follow it.

Q.2. How to make homework easy?

Ans: 4 Ways to Make Homework Easier:

1. Create a Homework Plan. Understand the assignment. 
2. Find a Good Place to Work. When you settle down to study or do homework, where do you do it? 
3. Get to Work. Get in the right mood. 
4. Get Help When You Need It.

Q.3. How can I do fun homework?

Ans: 8 Tips for Making Homework Fun for Kids
1. Work together. 
2. Create a study group. 
3. Ensure your child isn’t hungry. 
4. Use rewards and incentives. 
5. Go outside for a change in scenery. 
6. Turn homework into a game. 
7. Create a special homework space in your home. 
8. Make homework time part of a routine.

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