Essay on Teachers’ Day: Samples for Students

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Essay on Teachers’ Day

From sparking curiosity and dedication in students to nurturing young minds onto the intellectual path, the role of teachers is vibrant and essential. They are always there for students throughout the day to deal with different difficulties and help them focus on their studies. To appreciate their hard work, students are often encouraged to write an essay on Teachers’ Day. So, if you are looking for some inspiration to pen down your thoughts, here are a few sample essays that can help you with writing an essay.

Essay on Teachers’ Day (In 100 Words)

Teachers’ Day is a special occasion which is celebrated every year on 5 September in India. It marks the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a renowned Indian teacher and philosopher. On this day, students honour and appreciate the hard work of their teachers who guide them on the right path and shape their future. In India, a teacher is considered a Guru who guides thousands of disciples and eliminates the darkness with the vast sea of knowledge. 

Teachers play an important role in nurturing young minds and fostering values. Their constant dedication and commitment mould us into better individuals.

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Essay on Teachers’ Day (In 200 Words)

Every year on September 5, India celebrates Teachers’ Day to honour and appreciate the incredible contribution of teachers in our lives. This day holds great significance for students and the nation as it commemorates Dr. Sarvepelli Radhakrishnan’s birthday, a great philosopher and India’s second President. He believed that “Teachers should be the best minds in the country.” 

The Importance of Teachers

Teaching young minds and shaping their future is one of the hardest tasks on this planet. But our favourite teachers do that every day effortlessly. They guide us through the difficulties of our lives and instil important life lessons. In addition to this, teachers inspire us to think critically, be open to different perspectives, help others, and most importantly, give our best.  

A Day of Gratitude

Schools and colleges in India celebrate Teachers’ Day to express gratitude. Different activities like greeting card-making competitions, slogan competitions, and essay writing competitions are held throughout the day. Moreover, special dance performances are paired with engaging singing performances.

Teachers’ Day strengthens the bond between a teacher and their students. It is a gentle reminder for students to be more appreciative of their teachers and the hard work they do all year long. 

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Essay on Teachers’ Day in 500 words 

Teachers’ Day is an auspicious day for every student and teacher in India. It holds great significance and meaning. Students across the nation dedicate 5th September every year to honour and express their gratitude towards the mentors who play a significant role in nurturing their minds. 

The Role of Teachers

Teachers are role models for our young and brilliant minds in school. They impart a vast sea of knowledge to guide us on the right path and make our future brighter. Moreover, teachers support us during the ups and downs of our academic life, so that we can focus on giving our best. Their unwavering support and dedication to growth are truly inspiring for everyone around them. It encourages students to be a better version of themselves, help others in need, always respect others, and practice good manners. 

In addition to this, teachers turn boring lectures into fun learning sessions. For this, they are using the power of technology by including PPTs, video lessons, and active participation of students. They also use positive words like keep it up, come on, and you can do this to motivate young minds against all odds. Many teachers are also their students’ best friends and mentors. Students feel safe to confide in their mentors and get smart solutions to handle any difficulty. 

While we are always eager to celebrate the dedication of our teachers, acknowledging their challenges is also essential. The job of a teacher comes with many responsibilities such as long working hours, adapting to a student’s learning difficulties, and teaching up to 40-50 students at once. 

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Teachers’ Day and Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

When it comes to celebrating Teachers’ Day in India, one cannot go without mentioning Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was not only a renowned teacher, scholar, and philosopher, but also India’s second President. His commitment to education and its importance in every student’s life led to the celebration of his birthday as Teachers’ Day on 5 September. 

Teachers’ Day Celebration

To make things more interesting, schools and colleges in India celebrate Teachers’ Day in different ways. Generally, different competitions like essay writing competitions, painting competitions, best out of waste competitions, and dance competitions are held for students of all classes. Moreover, many students offer heartfelt speeches for their favourite teachers. Dance performances and singing competitions are also held to make the day more memorable. 

Apart from this, many educational institutions request their teachers to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by offering flowers to their framed photos. 

World Teachers’ Day

In 1994, UNESCO proclaimed the 5th of October as World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers’ Day. On this day, many countries around the world pay their respects to teachers in different ways. 

Every Teachers’ Day is a reminder of the importance of teachers in our lives. Without their constant moral support, dedication, and hard work, students would face difficulty in exceeding their expectations. This day is a great opportunity to reflect on the profound impact that teachers have on our lives. 

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How to write an essay for Teachers Day?

To write an essay for Teachers’ Day, you can read the above-mentioned samples and take inspiration.

What can I write on Teachers Day?

To write a heartfelt message on Teachers’ Day, you can express your gratitude with positive words. For instance, thank your teachers for being amazing humans, always helping you out, being the best at your job, and making learning fun.

What is the full form of a teacher?

The full form of a teacher is:


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