Essay on Movies: Advantages and Disadvantages 

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Essay on Movies

Essay on Movies:  Movies create a huge impact on human life. It can be positive as well as negative. People learn and implement new and innovative things from movies in real life. For example, learning new languages, getting inspiration, self-motivation, and gaining more insight and understanding are examples of the brighter side of movies. 

On the contrary, movies with a provoking message that disturbs peace and harmony, inappropriate content, and gender discrimination contribute to desensitization and normalizing harmful behaviors. 

Essay on Movies: Impact of Movies on Society

The motive for watching movies can differ from person to person. For some, it can just be a pastime, but for others, it can present a real-life context for learning. Therefore, it plays a vital role in shaping societal norms and influencing the culture.

Also, movies have the power to evoke emotions in the audience. Besides, it has the potential to raise awareness and promote social change by addressing important issues. Further, movies also serve as a form of entertainment and cultivate a sense of shared experience among the audience. 

Now, let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of movies to evaluate their impact on society:

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Advantages of Movies:

1. Source of Entertainment: Movies are the best mode of enjoyable and immersive entertainment. When one gets bored with the same routine work and needs relaxation, the cinematic experience, with its special effects, music, and storytelling techniques, helps provide a unique way of escaping reality. 

2. Form of Storytelling: Stories take us to a world where we can explore different stories, characters, and themes. Film directors, with the help of visuals and narrative methods, help convey a message and evoke emotions in the audience while developing a connection with the story being told.

3. Means of Social Bonding: Sitting in front of the television and watching a movie with family is fun on another level. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a night out at the cinema or a movie night at home; the experience of bonding among friends and family cannot be explained in words.

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Disadvantages of Movies:

Now, let us understand what adverse effects movies can have on the audience: 

  • Negative Influence: Movies with harmful content such as misogyny, celebration of communal violence, racism, and glorification of patriarchy create an adverse impact on the impressionable audience. Therefore, as viewers, it is important to understand the message conveyed very carefully and its potential consequences. 
  • Time-Consuming: Also, watching movies for long hours can interfere with work, studies, and other activities. It is, therefore, required to create a balance between leisure and responsibilities. However, this does not apply to present-day and future generations of filmmakers, actors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, camera operators, etc. 
  • Expensive: Watching movies is a costly undertaking. Whether tickets, streaming subscriptions, or home entertainment comes with a heavy expense. If one is a regular moviegoer, watching movies can lead to a potential drawback. 

Thus, it is essential to carefully analyze the messaging of movies. It is our responsibility to watch movies as a source of entertainment and not indulge in wrongdoings. Also, cinema is a beautiful art form and a great source of learning for technicians, writers, and filmmakers.

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1. What are the disadvantages of movies?

Ans. Time consumption, social isolation, and distorted realities are the negative impacts of movies on society. 

2. What are the advantages of movies?

Ans. Career opportunities, technological advancements, and emotional impacts are some of the positive impacts of movies on society. 

3. Why do movies have different ratings?

Ans. The movies aim to serve content suitability, so movies are served with different ratings. 

4. How do movies impact our lives?

Ans. Movies serve as a source of entertainment, a means of relaxation, and a platform for imparting moral values.

5. Who invented movies?

Ans. Lumiere brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumiere are credited for inventing movies. 

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