Essay on Farmer for School Students: 100, 200, and 300 Words

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Essay on Farmer

Have you ever considered how much suffering a farmer may have endured while growing all those things you just threw away in a matter of seconds, when leaving food on your plate and putting it in the trash? I’m sure most of you did this without even thinking twice. Given that food is readily available, just a tap away, there’s really no reason to suffer or think too much these days. In general, we don’t regard the farmers who oversee agriculture, as the backbone of our nation, India, or our food.  Continue reading some of the greatest examples of essay on farmer to have a better understanding of their significance in our day-to-day existence.

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7 Points to keep in in Mind while Writing an Essay on Farmer

  1. Mention the reason for the country’s flourishing agriculture i.e. the farmers.
  2. Farmers take up the job of feeding billions of people of the country.
  3. It is important to keep in mind that at very present moment, somewhere a farmer is working to produce the food that we eat.
  4. We should take initiative to help and support our farmers and not praise them with words merely.
  5. Farmers need support from the government so that they continue practising farming and serve their nation.
  6. In the current scenario, nearly 30% farmers commit suicide on and average daily.
  7. The current condition of the farmers in the country need to be improved so that they can have a prosperous future.

Essay on Farmer in 100 Words

The Indian economy relies significantly on its farmers. It is important to realize that agriculture provides a living for half of the people in our nation. Farmers give us food, animal feed, and other raw resources for a variety of industries. They are an essential part of our lives, yet occasionally they go to sleep at night without eating a proper meal. They find it challenging to manage their food and housing needs. 

The biggest producers of wheat, rice, pulses, spices, and spice-related items are Indian farmers. In addition to manufacturing the food items listed above, they are also engaged in the production of dairy goods, meat products, poultry, and fisheries. Farmers encounter several difficulties and problems, but there is still more work to be done in terms of the changes occurring in rural regions. 

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Essay on Farmer in 200 Words

The heart of India’s agriculture industry is its farmers. It is significant to remember that for the vast majority of Indians, agriculture is their only source of income. We find it easy to put food on our tables, thus it is impossible to understand the role that farmers play. They put in a lot of effort, though, so we can eat everything and whenever we want. 

Unfortunately, Indian farmers deal with a number of agricultural-related issues. One example is India’s insufficiently maintained irrigation system. Farmers have many difficulties, including taking on bank debt, as a result of their restricted access to irrigation, modern equipment, markets, roads, and regulations. They are under tremendous pressure to increase agricultural productivity in order to make a profit. 

They are able to grow crops and feed the country despite all these obstacles. Instead of craving for luxury, they pray for an abundant harvest, an acceptable price for their crops, and an increasing amount of produce. 

The lifestyles of farmers and residents of big urban areas differ. They spend time in the fields from sunrise to sunset, spending very little time with friends and family. Our nation’s abundant food supply is only a result of the farmers’ unwavering commitment. 

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Essay on Farmer in 300 Words

It may surprise you to learn that farmers make over about 20% of India’s GDP. In India, farming has traditionally been one of the most significant economic activities. With about 70% of the people working in agriculture and associated sectors, farmers are the backbone of our country. 

Farmers are vital members of our society. We are able to sit back and enjoy our meals at home because of their commitment only. 

Farmers cultivate a wide range of crops, but the climate has a significant impact on how productive they are. When the weather is favourable, crops produce a healthy harvest; otherwise, all of their patience and hard work goes in vain. In addition to growing crops, farmers also operate small businesses in the dairy, horticultural, fishing, meat, poultry, and other industries.

Indian farmers are in a terrible situation as a result of their endless work and evenings spent hungry or without sleep. You have probably seen and heard a lot of news reports and incidents concerning farmer suicides and fatalities. They receive almost nothing or their dues on time because of the intermediaries, which is one of the main causes of this dire situation. Furthermore, farmers lack access to necessities that we take for granted, such as groceries, medical care, school supplies, and—above all—healthy food and shelter. As a result, many believe that attempting suicide is the easiest way to put an end to all of their problems. 

Global warming is another element that contributes to the terrible conditions of farmers. Since global warming impacts every aspect of our globe, agriculture is also impacted. Unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters compound their never-ending problems. This is one of the causes of crop failure and the rise in farmer suicides. 

However, the government and numerous other nonprofit organisations have recently introduced a number of programmes aimed at enhancing the standard of living for Indian farmers and relieving them of their debt.

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How to write an essay on farmers?

To write an essay on farmers, give an overview of their life, their occupation and the latest developments in the agricultural sector. Start with an informative introduction where you can highlight facts and figures, such as the total agricultural land in India, how much revenue is generated from agriculture, etc. Add details in your essay such as the types of farming practised, its importance, etc. Make sure to conclude your essay on a positive note.

Who is a farmer?

A person engaged in agricultural activities, such as cultivating the soil, growing crops, and raising livestock for food, fibre, and other products is known as a farmer. Farmers play a crucial role in food production and are essential to the global economy.

What factors affect the life of a farmer’s life?

The life of a farmer is influenced by several factors, such as climate and weather conditions, fluctuations in commodity prices and market demand for their products, advances in agricultural technology, government policies and regulations, land access and ownership, education and training, etc.

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