CBSE Board Results 2023: List of Popular Memes That Will Leave You in Splits!

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CBSE Board Results 2023 memes

With some boards having announced their Class 10 and Class 12 results, students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are also anticipating the 2023 board exam result date. In addition, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is anticipated to release Class 10th and Class 12th results soon. While there has been no official confirmation from the board, both findings are expected to be announced in May 2023. Meanwhile, as students from both classes await the results, netizens are sharing humorous memes on Twitter. Scroll this blog to find the top 10 CBSE Board Results 2023 memes making the rounds on Twitter!

CBSE Board Result 2023 (Live Updates) – Exam Results Expected Soon, Check All Updates Related to the Results Here

Done with Waiting

Students are anxiously waiting for their results and yet CBSE has released no official date and time. It is keeping students on the edge. And well now, students are just being like “declare the results already” with a dramatic flair of “or else…”

The Moment of Truth

The time when you see your results and have to showcase them to your eagerly waiting parents and relatives and can feel the energy shift when you have to witness the moment.

Website Crash

Almost every year and every student has seen this issue of website crashes and they start blaming and bashing the website and give up on checking out the results altogether.

CBSE Board Result 2023 Memes - Toh Rehne Do Phir

Classic 10th Board Results

The moment when CBSE declares class 10th results and you thought only you score 90%.

Result Anxiety

Students are eagerly waiting for their results but since there has been no official announcement by the CBSE, all the students are likely feeling anxious and their hearts must be pounding as the results are expected to be out soon.

The “Gaddar Friends”

Don’t we all have those friends who will call us one night before the exam, cribbing about how he/she hasn’t prepared anything and ends up topping the exams? This is for all such Gaddar Dosts (Traitor Friends).

The Frustration of Delayed Result

CBSE first announced the results to be out by mid-may and then it was announced to be out by 7th May. Aren’t you all tired of waiting for the CBSE Board Results 2023? “Intehaan hogyi intezaar ki” moment much?

The “Horror Story”

When the anticipation of your result is scaring you more than any horror movie out there!

Want it or Not?

When you can’t decide whether you are ready or not ready for the CBSE Board Results yet and you find #CBSEResult2023 trending.

The Rubberneck Relatives

This one is for all the nosy neighbours and gawky relatives who are waiting for your results more than you are.

The Tear Story

The tears you shed when your result is not how you expected it to be looks absolutely like this!

The Tireless Waiting

The next meme is about when it has been many days since the official announcement and you’re just waiting there for the CBSE Board Results 2023 like…

Which Weapon Would It Be?

The moment you fail or underperform and your dad is looking for an appropriate weapon for disappointing him!

The Roll-Number Story

When you tried avoiding sharing your roll number details but your dad still managed to get it out of you and now you’re ready for the worst!

The Classic

And last but not least, this meme is all about your fluctuating heartbeat while waiting for the results!

Finally, this was all about the top CBSE Board Results 2023 memes to keep you entertained while you wait for your CBSE Results. Follow Leverage Edu for more information on CBSE Board Results 2023.

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