CBSE Class 10 Exam 2024: Top 10 Preparation Tips to Ace the Exam

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cbse class 10 exam preparation tips

CBSE Class 10 Exam is scheduled to begin on 15 February 2024 and conclude on 4 April 2024 according to the official website of CBSE. As the exam approaches, students need to concentrate on getting ready and making a schedule so they can study efficiently in the little amount of time available. Additionally, a few days ago, CBSE officials revealed that there will no longer be any divisions or distinctions for board exam achievers due to a major shift in CBSE evaluation methodology. It is appropriate to begin preparing for the board exams at this time. For additional information on the CBSE class 10 exam-winning study strategies and timetable, keep reading. 

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CBSE Class 10 Exam Preparation Tips

The CBSE class 10 exam is usually emphasized to students as the best exam for evaluating their ability. It is not entirely true, though. Any exam we take serves as more than just a means of assessing our subject-matter expertise—rather, it opens up a world of possibilities. Each subject test that students take as part of their board exam helps in their decision-making on the field and career path they choose to pursue. 

Planning and preparing for the CBSE Class 10 exam can be challenging and cause additional stress for kids than the exam itself. We have included a few proven approaches that will help you ace the exam without feeling overwhelmed to lessen the load and stress of all those preparing for the CBSE Class 10 Exam. 

  1. Gather all necessary resources and refer to them when making preparations. Referring to multiple study materials at once confuses, and students frequently end up piling books and study materials on their desks. 
  2. NCERT Study Materials, prescribed textbooks and syllabi of each subject, lab manuals, map books, sample question papers, and previous year’s question papers are the best resources for the students to refer to.
  3. Set aside additional time for subjects that need greater effort from you, even if they are not your favorites. 
  4. While there are a lot of ready-made schedules available online, it would be advisable to create a schedule that works best for you. The best way to set a timetable is to make a calendar based on your priorities and how much time you need to devote to each subject. 
  5. Do not try to cover everything in one go. Try to divide the topics into smaller segments and give them importance depending upon the marks’ weightage. You don’t want to dedicate your entire day to studying a topic that will only get you five marks on the final exam, after all. 
  6. After every hour of continuous study, take a short break, and after three hours, take a half-hour rest. This leads to improved concentration. For the majority of students, taking little breaks during the day is more beneficial than studying for three to four hours at a time. 
  7. Make it a habit to write down important definitions, dates, formulas, and keywords. You will be able to memorize facts better.
  8. Do not use SMS lingo for writing notes. 
  9. Solve as many practice papers as you can. Solving previous year’s question papers serves a dual purpose. It not only gets through the entire question paper quickly, but it also helps to plan out which questions to answer first and which ones to save for last. Furthermore, it aids in comprehending the format of the previous year’s CBSE Class 10 test questions.  
  10. Stay confident and optimistic. One of the most crucial things for a candidate taking the board examination is to maintain optimism at all times.


Q.1. How to prepare for the 10th CBSE board exam?

Ans: One of the best ways to prepare for the board exam is to understand the syllabus first and the pattern of questions from previous year’s papers.

Q.2. How can I prepare well for the CBSE class 10 board exam? 

Ans: Make a habit of writing important definitions, learning tables, practice formulas, solve previous year question papers and make short notes of important keywords. 

Q.3. How many hours should I study for the CBSE class 10 board exam?

Ans: 2-3 hours per day on a regular basis is advisable for students while attending school simultaneously. However, as the exam approaches, students should increase the number of hours to 5-6 in a day. 

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