Shiv Nadar University Hostel: Types, Fees and Facilities

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Shiv Nadar University Hostel

Thousands of students every year join Shiv Nadar University for their Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Research programmes. These students travel from different states of the country and even internationally to take admission to this prestigious university. To ensure the comfort of these students, Shiv Nadar University has built a massive residential area for these students and even faculty and staff members. Shiv Nadar University hostel rooms are available for students who wish to enrol at this university. In this blog, we will provide you with detailed information about these hostels, different rooms, hostel fees and the life of students at Shiv Nadar University Hostels. 

Name of the InstitutionShiv Nadar Institute
Accreditation/AffiliationDepartment of Higher Education, UGC
Concerned CoursesUG, PG and PhD
Qualifying ExamSNUSAT, ACT, SMAT
Scholarships ProvidedYes
Official Website 

Shiv Nadar University Hostel: Types

Shiv Nadar University offers two types of Hostels to the students i.e. AC and Non AC. The hostels are built in a massive area of around 286 acres and can accommodate around 2500 students, faculty of more than 250 and staff members. 

According to the numbers, approximately 33% of the total hostels for both girls and boys are Air-conditioned. These Hostel types are allotted on the basis of a first-come first served basis. Whosoever books the hostel first will be allotted the room. However, INR 6500 is imposed on these rooms per year apart from the electricity charges. 

Shiv Nadar University Hostel: Fees

Students prefer to stay in hostels while they are studying because of many reasons. These hostel rooms are quite affordable and ensure the safety of the students. 

The charges for these hostels are excluding the mess charges and the different facilities offered in these hostels. Refer to the table below to have a detailed look at the hostel charges of Shiv Nadar University.

Particulars1st Year Fees2nd Year Fees3rd Year Fees4th Year FeesTotal Payable
Hostel FeesINR 1,15,500INR 1,15,500INR 1,15,500INR 1,15,500INR 4,62,000

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Shiv Nadar University Hostel: Facilities

The hostels at Shiv Nadar University provide all the facilities like food and additional features. These are some of the features listed below:

Shuttle Services

The hostel provides shuttle services for the students and all the staff members so that they can commute very easily over the weekends. The students have to register themselves and the transport committee makes the arrangements according to it.

Safety and Security

Other than affordability, security and safety is another feature of why students prefer staying in hostels. There is 24/7 CCTV surveillance over the campus and a whole dedicated campus security team is appointed throughout the whole year,

Laundry Services

The student hostel provides laundry services for the ease of its residents. These facilities are chargeable and are not included for the year. Refer to the table below for the services charge:

Particulars1st Year Fees2nd Year Fees3rd Year Fees4th Year FeesTotal Payable
Laundry ChargesINR 4,410INR 4,410INR 4,410INR 4,410INR 17,640

Shiv Nadar University Hostel: Food

Along with the comfortable hostel rooms, Shiv Nadar University offers mess meals. Along with the mess meals provided by the hostels. There are other facilities like Cafe, Dining areas and that ensure food security. The meals are prepared for the students by keeping their necessary needs in mind.

The cafe is built in the library building that offers a space for the students and the staff members to enjoy their time and bond with each other over a meal. Shiv Nadar University has a dedicated program to ensure food security for its residents. This plan enables the students to have a portion of affordable and nutritious food. This program makes sure that the food prepared at this hostel is very hygienic and has a safe outlook. 

When the students are not offered enough nutritious food, they may have a risk of developing certain health conditions, The meals are prepared in accordance to keep the nutritional value that is needed by the students for eg, enough proteins, adequate amount of sugars, carbohydrates. etc.

Refer to the table below to have a look at the mess charges for all the years that a student is studying there:

Particulars1st Year Fees2nd Year Fees3rd Year Fees4th Year FeesTotal Payable
Mess Charges(3-time Vegetarian meal). INR 57,750INR 57,750INR 57,750INR 57,750INR 2,31,000

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Is staying at Shiv Nadar University Hostel compulsory?

Yes, staying at Shiv Nadar University Hostel is compulsory as it is a residential campus that provides hostel facilities to its residents. 

What is the approximate Shiv Nadar University Hostel fee?

The Shiv Nadar University hostel fee for 4 years is INR 4-5 Lakhs approximately. 

What are the facilities provided by Shiv Nadar University hostels?

Shiv Nadar University Hostel provides a comfortable stay to its residents. It provides all the facilities that a student needs like laundry and hostel mess.

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