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christ university hostel

Christ University Hostel: Christ University in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is one of the most revered institutions in India. Notable for incorporating a myriad of lucrative intensive graduate and post-graduate courses in its curriculum, the institute aims to shape meritorious individuals into capable personalities equipped with adequate knowledge and expertise to thrive in their respective fields. 

Some key highlights of studying here are the lucrative intensive courses, well-trained mentors, and class-apart research facilities. Here, one can expect to receive not only an education that is second to none in terms of quality but also individual and personalised care and attention. 

This, in turn, necessitates such students to look into comfortable and inexpensive student housing in and around the institute. Read through the article to know more about the Christ University Bangalore hostel fees. 

Name of the University Christ University
Date of Establishment  15th of July 1969
Location Bengaluru, Karnataka
Official Website

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Christ University Top Hostel Options (Bangalore Central Campus)

Christ University’s Bangalore Central Campus brings forth some of the best hostel options for students attending the revered institution. Here are some of the best hostel options that you can opt for while studying at the institute’s Bangalore Central Campus. 

Jonas Hall

This hostel option is ideal for female students. The student lodging provides comfortable and inexpensive living quarters to female students on the central campus. The hostel option aims to provide comfortable living conditions to females pursuing graduate and undergraduate studies at Christ University. 

Here, one can expect to make use of Single, twin, and triple sharing rooms outfitted with a high-speed internet connection, and a recreation haII for one to unwind after a long day. Coming to the amenities and services provided by the property, students here can make use of a fully-functional gym, a common kitchen, a designated library room, and on-site security services. Have a look at the following table to go through the fee structure of the hostel. 

Six Sharing INR 35,000
Four Sharing INR 43,000
Triple Sharing  INR 49,000
Twin Sharing  INR 69,000
Single  INR 88,000
Single (Special)  INR 93,000

St. Kurikose Elias Hall

The hostel aims to provide comfortable and affordable student living quarters to male students pursuing Post-Graduate, Doctorate and Post-Doc. courses. The hostel is notable for offering fully-furnished and well-stocked housing units that come outfitted with every necessity required for one’s sustenance and comfort. 

The sharing rooms available here come equipped with one coat, bed with protectors, table, chair, steel cupboard and an adjustable hanger. Apart from that, students living here can even use a dedicated RO system, a drying area with washing machines, 24/7 Solar hot water with electrical backup, medical facilities, 24/7 Wi-Fi services, a functional gym, and a multi-purpose hall. 

ROOM TYPE  Fees (Total) 

Christ Hostel, Block A, B & C

Christ Hostel provides comfortable and affordable student living quarters to male students pursuing undergraduate programmes. Students intending to move here can expect to come across well-stocked twin-sharing rooms outfitted with every amenity required for one’s sustenance and comfort. Here, students will be provided with 24/7 on-site security services, hot water facilities, a gym, a library room, cafeterias and so on. These student lodgings are one of the best in the Bangalore campus.

Deposit (Refundable)  INR 5,000
Fee of Maintenance  INR 12,000
Hostel Fee INR 20,000 per each instalment (three)
Total INR 77,000
Application Fee INR 300

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Christ University Top Hostel Options (Kengeri Campus)

The Kengeri Campus of Christ University is one of the most reputed campuses of the esteemed institution. Students seeking comfortable and affordable student housing in and around the campus can refer to the following hostel options. 

Devadan Hall 

Devadan Hall is a highly sought-after hostel option in the Kenegeri Campus of Christ University. The hostel provides comfortable student quarters to male candidates pursuing post-graduate programmes (in Management, Engineering) and undergraduate courses (in Engineering, Architecture, and Psychology). 

Students will be offered twin, triple, and four-sharing rooms outfitted with high-speed internet connectivity, high-definition televisions, a gym, and designated study spaces. Have a look at the following table to understand the fee structure and details of the hostel. 

Room Style Total Amount
Four Sharing INR  43,394
Triple Sharing  INR  49,412
Twin Sharing INR  68,174
Application Processing Fee INR   300                    

Christ Hostel 

Christ Hostel is reputed for offering comfortable and affordable student accommodation to females pursuing postgraduate programmes in Architectural (B.Arch) studies at the Kengeri campus. The place is ideal for those who wish to study in a serene ambience that is encompassed by lush green trees. 

Students intending to move here can expect to come across fully furnished rooms that are well-stocked with a wide assortment of essentials and facilities. Students here can make use of a high-speed internet connection, televisions, a prayer hall, a gym, designated study spaces, and on-site security services. The following table will help you understand the Christ University Bangalore hostel fees and other details of the hostel.

Room Style Christ Hostel Fee (per annum)  Total Amount
Triple Sharing INR 44,427 INR 49,427
Twin Sharing INR 52,156 INR 57,156
Application Processing Fee INR 300 


Do Christ Univeristy Hostels provide food?

Students pursuing their education at Christ University can have their food at the canteens available on campuses. Typically, the institution does not provide exclusive hostel food services to students. 

Does Christ University Hostel (Bangalore) allow students to carry mobile phones? 

Laptops, phones and other electronic essentials are all allowed in the Christ University hostel.

What is/are the best student housing option(s) in Christ University’s Bannerghatta Road Campus? 

Students intending to further their studies at Christ University’s Bannerghatta Road Campus should definitely have a look at the Christ Hall Hostel. 

Christ University encompasses a myriad of hostel options throughout various campuses for students to opt for. These student housing options are not only comfortable but only does not break the bank. Students intending to opt for such student lodgings can expect to come across fully furnished and well-stocked rooms that are outfitted with every necessity and amenity required for one’s comfort and maintenance. 

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