IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore: Basic Distinctions, Rankings, Placements, Top Recruiters

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Aspiring to study in best Indian business school? Choosing between the two, IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore can be a daunting task for most of you. Both of the institutes provide spectacular education, exceptional placements and rigorous support to their students. But, how to decide which one is an optimal choice for you? Continue reading the blog post below to uncover more about IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore. 

Basic Distinctions: IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore

To give you a brief overview of both the institutes, have a look at the table given below: 

ParticularsIIM Ahmedabad – Indian Institute of ManagementEstablished in 
Establised in 19611973
Total Courses986
MBA Courses4
MBA Duration2 years2 years

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Overall Rankings: IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore

Both of these, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore are premier and renowned institutes in India. For the year 2023, IIM Ahmedabad was ranked 51st and IIM Bangalore was ranked at the position 52nd in the Financial Times rankings. Moreover, both institutes have seen improvement from the previous year rankings. However, have a look at the table below for updated rankings:

RankingsYearIIM Ahmedabad – Indian Institute of ManagementIIM Bangalore – Indian Institute of Management
Business Today20230203

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Placement Report 2023: IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore

We have curated a table illustrating the placement statistics of both institutes. Check the table given below: 

ParticularsIIM AhmedabadIIM Bangalore
Median PackageINR 31.58 LPAINR 33.00 LPA
Average PackgeINR 34.45 LPAINR 33.82 LPA
Highest PackageINR 1.46 crores per annum
Lowest packageINR 18.05 LPA

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Top Recruiters: IIM Ahmedabad vs IIM Bangalore

Top recruiters for both the institutes are listed in the table below: 

IIM Ahemdabad Top Recruiters 2023 IIM Bangalore Top Recruiters 2023 
McKinsey & Company The Boston Consulting Group
Microsoft Bain & Company
Goldman Sachs Tata Consultancy Services
DeloitteMcKinsey & Company
KPMG Accenture Strategy CN

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Which IIM is better IIM Bangalore or IIM Ahmedabad?

Renowned Indian business institutions IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore each have their advantages and potential areas for development. In several areas, such as professional advancement, sector variety, alumni network, and international mobility, IIM Ahmedabad is ranked higher than IIM Bangalore.

Which IIM is the most difficult to get into?

IIM Bangalore is considered to be one of the toughest IIMs to get admission into. 

How is IIM Bangalore different from other IIMs?

IIM Bangalore is the only business school in the country which offers 3 electives in the first year. 

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