What is Short Service Commission? Eligibility, Selection, Training, Benefits

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Short Service Commission

SSC stands for Short Service Commission. For individuals who are interested in serving in the military, there is also the Army, where they can become commission officers in the Short Service and serve for ten or fourteen years.

Officer tenure in the Indian Army is known as the Short Service Commission or SSC. The tenure for an officer in the SSC Short Service Commission is 10+4 years. After this period, male officers might choose to become permanent commission holders or leave the Indian Army.

Officers are typically enrolled for ten years at first, after which they may continue for a further four years. Following the completion of the 10+4 years, female officials must choose to resign, while male officials may choose to continue and accept permanent commissions.

Criteria  Indian Army SSCIndian Air Force SSCIndian Navy SSC
Age Limit21 to 27 years21 to 27 years21 to 27 years
EducationBachelor’s degreeBachelor’s degreeBachelor’s degree
NationalityIndian citizenIndian citizenIndian citizen
Physical StandardsPhysically fit,
meet prescribed standards
Physically fit,
meet AFCAT standards
Physically fit,
meets Navy standards
Selection ProcessWritten Exam,
Physical Fitness Test,
Medical Exam
Commission as Lt.
Written Exam,
Physical Fitness Test,
Medical Exam,
Commission as Flying Officers
Written Exam,
Written Exam,
Physical Fitness Test,
Medical Exam
Commission as Sub-Lieutenants
Career ProspectsCommissioned as Lieutenants, option for permanent commission, Territorial Army, or Reserve ForcesCommissioned as Flying Officers, option for permanent commission, Territorial Army, or Reserve ForcesCommissioned as Sub-Lieutenants, option for permanent commission, Territorial Army, or Reserve Forces
Women OfficersEligible, OTA Chennai provides trainingEligible, training providedEligible, training provided
Benefits and AllowancesPay and allowances as per 7th Pay Commission, Medical benefits, Leave and Holidays, AccommodationPay and allowances as per AFCAT standards, Medical benefits, Leave and Holidays, AccommodationPay and allowances as per Navy standards, Medical benefits, Leave and Holidays, Accommodation

Types Of Commission

The Army offers short-term and permanent commissions. The Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai is often where the Short Service Commission (SSC) is issued, while the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun is typically where the Permanent Commission (PC) is conferred. When you select “PC,” you’re looking for a career in the Army that will last until your retirement. 

The SSC is a great choice for individuals who hope to serve in it for a few years. It entitles you to enlist in the Army and serve for ten years as a commissioned officer. You are free to select a PC after your term is up. Alternatively, you can request a four-year extension and decide to leave your position at any point during that time.

Commission Type Training AcademyDurationEligibility
Permanent Commission (PC)NDA (after 10+2 through UPSC)

Direct Entry (Through UPSC)

Engineering Graduate – TGC

University Entry Scheme 10+2 TES
Till Retirement10+2 (Science),

UPSC examination

UPSC examination
Engineering degree

10+2 (Science), Engineering degree
Short Service CommissionNon-tech (Both men & women)

Tech (Both men & women)

NCC Special Entry
(Both men & women)

Law Graduates (Both men & women)
10 yearsGraduation

Engineering degree

NCC ‘C’ Certificate,

Law degree

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Permanent and Short Service Commission – Explained

Typically, officers must serve in the army until they are old enough to retire. When they can retire depends on their rank. Depending on how many years you have served, you will be promoted to Colonel Rank if you join the army with a permanent commission. After that, the selection board will choose whether or not you receive another promotion.

For individuals who are interested in serving in the military, there is also the Army, where they can become commission officers in the Short Service and serve for ten or fourteen years. After ten years, one has three options. Applicants have the option to accept a permanent commission, reject it, or extend it by an extra four years. 

Ultimately, officers have the freedom to resign at any time during this four-year term. Therefore, provided that their service was flawless, an officer holding a temporary commission may apply for a permanent one.

If you are selected for the short service commission, you move on to the Officers Training Academy located in Chennai. The selection procedure begins with the written exam and continues with the medical exams and SSB interview. in-person SSB interviews

Joining as a Short Service Commission Officer

Candidates must have graduated with an LLB degree and a minimum cumulative GPA of 55%. The candidates ought to meet the requirements for State or Bar Council of India registration. Additionally, candidates must submit their CLAT (PG) results. 

This gate is used to recruit officers between February and August. Not to mention, this entry does not have a written test. Through a brief service commission, students acquire planning, organizational, analytical thinking, and administrative abilities. 

You can pursue other career paths for which the Army will provide support, and you have attributes that will make you a valuable addition to any organization you choose to work for after leaving the Army. Below we have listed the additional details regarding the procedure to join the indian army.

Entry TypeEligibility CriteriaSelection ProcessTraining DurationProminent Features
SSC for Women (Officers)Graduate
Written Exam,
SSB Interview, Medical Exam
49 weeksExtension of Tenure, Substantive Promotions
SSC (Non-Technical)
Men & Women
GraduateWritten Exam (UPSC),
SSB Interview
49 weeksAdvertised in Jul and Nov, Courses in April and October
SSC (Technical) Men & WomenEngineering GraduateSSB Interview
(No written exam)
49 weeksAdvertised in Jan and Jul, Courses in April and October
Men & Women
NCC Senior Division (Army) with ‘C’ certificate)Advertised in
Jun and Dec
Apply through NCC
Men & Women
Law Graduate (55% aggregate)Written Exam (UPSC),
SSB Interview
49 weeksAdvertised in June and December

SSC Officers Benefits

SSC officers in the federal government enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including a competitive salary, medical coverage, transport and house rent allowances, dearness allowances, participation in the National Pension Scheme, gratuity benefits, provident fund, paid leaves, and even mobile bill payment, ensuring their financial well-being and work-life balance.

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The definition and complete form of the SSC army, the many commission kinds, and the requirements for obtaining a short service commission in the Indian army are all explained in the blog post above. 

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What is short service commission in the Army?

The SSC scheme is meant for eligible men and women to serve as officers for a minimum of 10 years with options to either leave or opt for Permanent Commission or an extension of four years.

What happens after Short Service Commission?

SSC officers are engaged for a period of 10 years, depending on their entry scheme, and have the option to extend their service up to a maximum of 14 years. After the completion of their tenure, SSC officers have the choice to either opt for a Permanent Commission or transition to civilian life.

Can short service commission officers become IAS?

As per the Ex-servicemen Quota in UPSC, defense personnel can’t take the Civil Services Exam while in service. But SSC or Short Service Commissioned Officer in the Army can take the CSE exam if he has served less than two years and meets other eligibility requirements of UPSC.

Do SSC officers get a pension?

A Short Service Officer who leaves before completing 20 years of service does not get a pension. He is however authorised CSD facilities. However, the biggest benefit he gets is the grooming and training while in the Army, which makes him a much better person and a worthy leader.

Is Short Service Commission good?

SSC is an excellent option for all the ones of you who aspire to serve it for some years. It offers you the opportunity of joining the Army and serving as a commissioned officer for ten years.

What are the disadvantages of short service commission?

The disadvantage of SSC is that you are still not settled and do not have a permanent job till 29–30. The advantage is that you can switch to another govt or civil job. 1. SSC officer doesn’t gets a Pension whereas a PC officer will get after Retirement.

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