Best Movies For UPSC Aspirants To Keep You Motivated

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Movies For UPSC Aspirants

Going through the toughest competitive exam at UPSC is like running a marathon, you have to learn a lot, be dedicated, and get ideas from movies. There is no problem, though, fellow prospects, because movies are a hidden gem among the stocks of study materials. Best movies for aspirants can be one of the most useful tools or preparation tips you have for the UPSC exam because they tell interesting stories and show things in a clear way to motivate you. Not only do they give you a nice break, but they can also get you interested in many different things and teach you important lessons about things like leadership, ethics, and social issues.

Get ready to discover the best movies for UPSC aspirants that can help you prepare for the UPSC or IAS exam by giving you not only knowledge but also ideas and a fresh look at things.

Exam NameUPSC
Full FormUnion Public Service Commission
Purpose Recruit candidates for top Civil Services positions in India
Exam LevelsPreliminary(UPSC Prelims)MainsPersonality Test(Interview)
Conducting BodyUnion Public Service Commission(UPSC)
Eligibility Bachelor’s Degree
Application ProcessOnline

Top 5 Inspirational Movies For UPSC Aspirants

Getting prepared to join the Civil Services is a very important process. It takes a lot of work to prepare for the UPSC exams, and the syllabus is very complex. Also, aspirants who want to work as an IAS need to work on having a well-rounded attitude that will help them in the interview. Aspirants spend more than 12 hours a day learning and reading books. Even though they have to learn a lot, IAS students shouldn’t forget how important time off and fun are. This makes it clear that someone who wants to take the IAS exam needs to do more than just read books.

These top 5 inspirational movies and TV Series for UPSC aspirants will help you to make it possible and help aspirants clear the UPSC Exam.

  1. 12th Fail
Source: 12th Fail

Aspirants for the UPSC may feel like they are always under pressure to do their best. There are too many textbooks, too many due dates, and too much self-doubt. But in a world where everyone is always trying to do their best in school, a movie like “12th Fail” is a welcome distraction and a lesson that success can grow in odd circumstances.

This historical play tells the story of an IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, who went against what society thought he should do and made his way to success. Even though Manoj failed his 12th-grade-level tests, he refused to let his academic failures define him. He used his drive to study on his own because he had a strong desire to serve his country. The movie tells the story of his hard journey and shows how important it is to be focused, smart, and have confidence in yourself at all times.

  1. Aspirants
Source: Aspirants

Want an easy-to-reach story that matches your UPSC journey? “Aspirants”, a web series, is the only thing you need to know. It speaks to the feelings and struggles of every UPSC candidate. It’s not just about prelims tactics and GS facts, it goes deeper and shows the worries, success, and friendships that make up the ideal life. You’ll feel like you know the characters as they deal with family demands, money problems, and times when they question themselves. They find comfort in their shared love and network of support. If you want an understanding of reality, a lesson that you’re not alone in this mission, and maybe even a look at the good things that are coming, watch it. So play and let “Aspirants” fuel your desire to keep going after your UPSC dream.

  1. Sandeep Bhaiya
Source: Sandeep Bhaiya

Aspirants for the UPSC, do you want some ideas? If you look in the mirror, “Sandeep Bhaiya” shows you your problems and successes. Watch as Sandeep, a failed UPSC candidate who is now a teacher, rekindles his own UPSC dream while he guides his students. This is a moving story about being strong, getting a second chance, and showing that loss isn’t the end of the journey, but a way to find a satisfying job. Get ready to cry tears of empathy, cheer with drive, and most importantly, find faith in your abilities all over again. This isn’t just fun, it’s also a lesson that the UPSC path, like Sandeep’s, is worth taking. Every making and question will bring you closer to your dream with grace and perseverance.

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  1. SK Sir Ki Class
Sources: SK Sir ki Classes

UPSC students are looking for an educational experience that goes beyond books. The SK Sir Ki Class TV show gives you a special mix of information, advice, and inspiration that is made just for the duration of your journey. Imagine interesting lessons given by the famous UPSC teacher SK Sir, who breaks down difficult ideas, gives useful advice, and uses fun to keep you interested. You’ll see different points of view, real-life examples, and useful tips for studying for exams, all presented in a clear, short, and interesting way. 

So, whether you’re having trouble with a certain subject or just want to try something new, SK Sir Ki Class could be the answer for you. It could spark your interest, and imagination, fuel your dedication, and pave the way to UPSC success.

  1. Gangaajal
Source: Gangaajal

Aspirants for the UPSC, are you ready for a taste of harsh truth and never-ending idealistic thinking? Don’t look any further than “Gangaajal”, a movie that shows how graft and the fight for justice work. It’s not just a crime story, it’s also a character study of SP Amit Kumar, a good police officer who gets thrown into the rough side of a town with no rules. Watch his determination as he fights widespread corruption, moral problems, and harsh truths.

“Gangaajal” is both a sobering lesson of how hard it will be to change things and an inspiring story of people who don’t give up when things get hard. Not only is it exciting to watch, but it also teaches us a lot about honesty, bravery, and working hard for a fair society, all of which are traits that every person who wants to work for the UPSC should try to develop.

8 Things for UPSC Aspirants To Learn From Films

  1. Resilience and Determination: The movie reportedly revolves around overcoming adversity and achieving dreams despite setbacks. Aspirants can learn the importance of staying persistent, facing failures with resilience, and not giving up on their UPSC goals.
  2. Non-traditional Paths: The protagonist’s journey may deviate from conventional education or preparation methods. This can inspire aspirants to explore alternative learning styles, seek guidance outside mainstream coaching centres, and find their unique path to success.
  3. Self-belief: Facing doubts and societal pressures is a common struggle for UPSC aspirants. The movie could showcase the power of self-belief and staying true to one’s aspirations, even when others might disapprove.
  4. Importance of Mentorship: Finding the right mentor or support system can be crucial for an aspirant’s journey. The movie might highlight the value of guidance, finding reliable sources of information, and building a strong network within the aspirant community.
  5. Time Management and Discipline: Cracking the UPSC requires dedication and meticulous planning. The movie could offer insights into effective time management techniques, maintaining – focus during long hours of preparation, and developing self-discipline for consistent studying.
  6. Emotional Balance: The pressure of the UPSC journey can be emotionally draining. The movie could offer lessons on managing stress, maintaining mental well-being, and prioritizing emotional health amidst intense preparation.
  7. Learning from Failures: Failing in the UPSC can be disheartening, but it’s also an opportunity to learn and improve. The movie might showcase how aspirants can analyze their mistakes, adapt their strategies, and approach the next attempt with renewed vigour.
  8. Importance of Personal Life: Balancing UPSC preparation with personal life can be challenging. The movie could encourage aspirants to make time for family, friends, and self-care, reminding them that there’s life beyond the exam.

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Which documentary is useful for UPSC?

The story of the elections in India is told in Mandate With Destiny by Vir Singhavi. Planet Earth is a BBC documentary show about the Earth’s present and past natural events. India Is Curable by Umesh Agarwal – A film about the problems that India’s health care system has to deal with.

What is the latest movie on UPSC?

“12th Fail” is an amazing and moving true story about a boy from Chambal who wants to do something that seems impossible, pass the UPSC exam, which is the world’s most challenging civil servant entrance exam.

What is the quality of UPSC aspirants?

Individuals who want to work for the UPSC should know the most important traits an IAS officer must have. As an IAS officer, you need to be patriotic, compassionate, honest, and responsible, able to think outside the box, have a strong work ethic, be able to make decisions, and so on.

How should be a UPSC aspirant?

Ans. Individuals who want to become IAS must know a lot about things, like History, Economics, Political Science, and Current Affairs. Aspirants need to be able to look at complicated cases, figure out what the real problems are, and come up with good answers

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