UPSC Prelims Sample Papers: Download PDF (Here), Know Preparation Tips

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UPSC Prelims Sample Papers

Recently the UPSC has announced the detailed schedule for the 2024 Cycle. Now, the candidates must be wondering how to prepare for the exam. There are a lot of preparation materials available online and offline for the candidates. In this blog, we have talked about one of the best preparation materials available for candidates. Keep reading to know in detail about the UPSC Prelims sample papers, benefits, tips to prepare and links to the best sample papers available online.

Exam Overview

Exam NameCivil  Services Examination
Exam TypeOffline
Organised byUPSC
Attempts Allowed6
Exam LevelNational

UPSC Prelims Sample Paper 1 2023

UPSC Sample Paper PDF – Direct Download Here

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UPSC Prelims Sample Paper 2 2023

Advantages of UPSC Prelims Sample Papers

A lot of students now prefer downloading sample papers for practising for the exam. Many students might wonder about the advantages of solving UPSC Prelims Sample papers. Here are some of the benefits of using UPSC Prelims Sample Papers:

  1. One of the first benefits of solving the UPSC Prelims Sample Papers is that it gives the candidates an idea of the type of questions asked.
  2. It helps the candidates to make a preparation strategy according to the exam.
  3. USPC Prelims sample papers help the candidates to have a self-assessment.
  4. It gives the candidates an idea of the latest topics being introduced in the exam. 

Tips To Solve UPSC Prelims Sample Papers 2023 

Other than benefits, here are some tips that a candidate must keep in mind to solve UPSC Prelims Sample Papers:

  1. Know the exam pattern beforehand.
  2. Make sure to first attempt the questions that you are confident about.
  3. Keep a check on time.
  4. Make sure you clear the basic concepts first.
  5. Revise regularly before the exam.

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Is the Prelims exam very tough?

Yes, UPSC Prelims are considerably more difficult than all other exams around the world. There is a lot of preparation material that a candidate can use to prepare for the exam.

Can I prepare for the UPSC exam in 3 months?

It is very difficult to prepare for the UPSC exam in just 2-3 months. It is considered one of the most difficult exams in the world.

How can I download the UPSC Prelims sample papers?

To download the UPSC Prelims sample papers, the candidates can visit the official website. There are also other websites available that provide UPSC Prelims sample papers


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