MAH MBA CET Marks vs Percentile 2024: How to Calculate Percentile?

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MAH MBA CET Marks vs Percentile

MAH CET: The MAH MBA CET exam was conducted in multiple sessions starting from 9 March to 12 March 2024. However, the results will be declared in percentiles. The exam is part of other MBA entrance exams which happen every year for candidates to be part of the MBA or Masters of Business Administration courses. Therefore, the candidates need to understand the difference between MAH MBA CET marks and MAH MBA CET percentile before the release of the final exam results. Continue reading this blog post to learn all about this exam and how you can check your results. 

MAH MBA CET Score vs Percentile Calculation

Below is an example of MBA CET percentile calculation as shared by the state CET cell.

MAH CET SessionDay/BatchCandidates AbsentCandidates PresentTotalHighest MarksLowest Marks
1D1 B1150224923991541
2D2 B2186227224581570
3D3 B3215221624311490
  • MBA CET marks are the raw score of a candidate out of 200 marks.
  • MBA CET percentile is the percentage of candidates who have scored less than the topper.
  • Technically, 154 marks out of 200 convert to 100 percentile in MBA CET.

MAH MBA CET Score vs Percentile 

Check out the table given below MAH MBA CET score vs percentile chart for your reference. 

Total Candidates AppearedHighest Raw ScoreCandidates who Scored EQUAL
or LESS THAN Highest Score
Percentile Score
122491542249100.0000000 [(2249/2249)*100]
222721572272100.0000000 [(2272/2272)*100]
322161492216100.0000000 [(2216/2216)*100]

MAH MBA CET Marks vs Percentile: Differences

Here’s the basic difference between MAH MBA CET marks and percentile which you should know. 

  • MAH MBA CET marks are the raw score of the candidate which are counted out of a total of 200 marks. 
  • Whereas, the percentage of candidates that have scored less than the topper. 
  • The cut-offs that are released by most of the Maharashtra colleges are also counted in the percentile. 
  • If a candidate scores 154 marks out of 200, it is then converted to the 100 percentile in the MBA CET exam. 

Finally, almost all the MBA colleges in Maharashtra accept the MBA CET percentile for counselling and admission purposes. 

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The MAH MBA CET exam is conducted every year for all those students who want to take admission to MBA or MCA programmes offered by more than 300 B-schools in Maharashtra. This examination is conducted by the Maharashtra State CET cell annually in March-April. 

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Is the 76 percentile good in MBA CET?

MAH MBA CET cut-off that ranges between 70 to 80 percentile will get you into good colleges in Maharashtra.

How many marks is the 40 percentile in MAH MBA CET?

If you get 40 percentile in the MAH MBA CET exam then you will fall in the 70 – 80 bracket.

What is a safe score in MAH MBA CET?

Gettin 110-119 is considered to be a safe score in the MAH MBA CET examination.

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