ILSAT Question Papers, Sample Papers PDF for 2023

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ILSAT Preparation Tips, Question Papers, Sample Papers PDF for 2023

As a student, you might be looking all over the world for tips that will help you but most of the time you end up with tips that do not work out. Do not worry, we have some of the best tips for you to qualify for the ILSAT entrance examination 2023. In this blog, we will know the ILSAT Preparation Tips, Question Papers, and Sample Papers PDF for 2023.

ILSAT Preparation Tips 

Here are some of the best ILSAT Preparation Tips, Question Papers, and Sample Papers PDF for 2023:

Section-Wise Preparation Plan

  • While preparing for the ILSAT Exam 2023, you need to prepare your schedule in such a way that it focuses on each subject or section, covers the entire syllabus, and enhances your test-taking skills. 
  • Do not forget to work on your time management skills as the duration of the ILSAT examination 2023 is only 2 hours (120 minutes) and you will have to attempt a total of 125 questions. So divide your time judiciously between each section. 
  • Remember practice is the key to success. Give each subject at least 2 hours a day, add a sample question paper based on the subjects of the entrance exam and give 15 minutes at least to practice. 
  • Jot down notes and develop tricks which work for you to solve tricky questions quickly and save consuming time. 
  • The General English and Comprehension section will require extra time as they will include tricky questions. Do not spend more than the required time on any one question, if you are unable to remember the answer, or resolve the question, move on to the next. Do not stress yourself. To attempt questions quickly, learn idioms and enhance vocabulary as most of the candidates get stuck on questions as they cannot understand the exact meaning of words.

Mock Test and Sample Papers

  • To make yourself acquainted with the ILSAT Exam pattern of 2023, you should practise mock tests and sample question papers. Practising the mock tests will help you to develop speed and accuracy and it will also help with time management. Moreover, the practice would give you an idea of what you should expect on the day of the ILSAT Exam 2023. 
  • Practicing regularly will help you realise your weak points and your strengths. Do not get demotivated by your weak points, rework them so that you can improve. Give ample amount of time to your strengths, as you will be more confident and sure and this way, you will score more in that section.

Paper 1 Sample Paper

Paper 2 Sample Paper

Paper 3 Sample Paper

Revise and Repeat

  • As an aspiring candidate for ILSAT Exam 2023, you should revise regularly, not just a few days before or a week prior. For the last week before ILSAT Exam 2023, you should revise thoroughly with the help of notes that you have prepared while revising, sample question papers, and mock tests. 
  • To attempt the multiple-choice questions (MCQs), you must have clarity of concept and be sure about the answer before attempting. Make the best use of your time, invest in sample papers, and stay clear of any confusion in any particular subjects. 
  • For those who have good memorising skills, it’s easier for you to remember General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and Legal Reasoning sections but for those, who lack memorising skills, learn tricks which work for you to memorise answers. This way, you will save more time and can work on the remaining other sections as they are time-consuming.

Previous Year Question Paper

In the previous section of the blog, we have repeatedly mentioned practising regularly with help of the previous years’ question papers, sample papers, and mock papers. You must be wondering where to find these papers. Do not worry, we have curated the question papers, sample papers and mock papers to help you with your preparation and do your best. Follow these links below to start with your practising session. 

For the Previous Year’s Question Paper, click here

Books for ILSAT Examination 2023

To prepare well for the ILSAT Examination 2023, you need to read subject-specific books to score well, qualify and be eligible for admission to the two courses (BBA LLB and BA LLB).

General English and ComprehensionObjective General English by Arihant Experts, How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma, English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin
Logical and Analytical Reasoning A Modern Approach to Legal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal, Shortcuts in Reasoning by Disha Experts, Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A K Gupta
Legal ReasoningUniversal Guide to CLAT and LLB, Legal Aptitude for the CLAT and other Law  Entrance Exams by A P Bhardwaj LA and LR 2022 by A P Bhardwaj
General Knowledge
and Current Affairs
General Knowledge 2022 by Manohar Pandey, General Knowledge and Current Affairs Yearly by Pearson Newspapers and websites- The Hindu, Time of India, The Telegraph 

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What is the syllabus for the ILSAT Examination 2023?

The syllabus of the ILSAT Examination 2023 includes
General English and Comprehension
Logical Reasoning
Legal Reasoning
General Knowledge and Current Affairs
Analytical Reasoning

ILSAT 2023 is held for which courses?

ILSAT 2023 is held for BA LLB and BBA LLB courses offered at ICFAI Law School, IFHE Hyderabad. 

What is the examination pattern of ILSAT 2023?

ILSAT examination 2023 will have five sections. Each section will be of 25 marks and each section will have 25 questions carrying 1 mark each. The duration of the examination will be of 2 hours (120 minutes) in Computer Based Test (CBT) mode. The 5 sections are General English and Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, General Knowledge/Current Affairs and Analytical Reasoning.

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