Check Last Minute XAT Preparation Tips & Guidelines to Ace Your MBA Test 

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XAT Preparation: The much-awaited XAT 2024 exam is all set to take place on 7 January 2024. But more importantly, XLRI announced a 40% increase in registrations for XAT 2024. In other words, there may be a potential rise to around 135,000 -140,000 students; all competing for one seat in one of the top-tier MBA Colleges in India.

So, it might be presumptuous to guess that your XAT Preparation is under wrap and you do not require some last-minute knowledge bombs to blast your lack of confidence before the examination. Given that the competency is sky-high and the time is tight, you must breathe and try not to lose your focus in the last moment and implement the powerful preparation tips in this blog to get an edge over the examination. 

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What is the Topper’s Last Minute XAT Preparation Strategy?

You should have gone through all the major portions of the XAT 2024 syllabi if you are looking for a last-minute strategy right now. To present you with that, here we have a compilation of the five most effective toppers-approved preparation strategies for last-minute for the XAT 2024 examination.

Tip 1: Ditch the Duds, Focus on the Favourite Topics 

Forget trying to cram in new topics at this point. It’s all about honing those areas of the XAT syllabus you already have grasped. More importantly, you must cover topics that are the examiner’s favourite or hold greater weightage in the marking scheme. If you are going to wind up your revision, make sure to jot down all sorts of important facts, concepts or formulae for a quick revision. 

Tip 2: XAT Mock Tests are Your Mock Friends

Brush away all the self-doubts and get going with practising as many XAT sample papers or mock tests as you can. Remember that it’s never too late to start; simulate that exam pressure, identify your weak spots, and practice those time management skills before the mock tests become your mocking friends. 

Tip 3: Dedicate Special Attention to GK and the Decision-Making Section

Though both the General Knowledge and Decision-Making sections are fact-based, they still can present the odds in your favour. So, make sure to revise the latest edition of the yearly current affairs and factual questions from the previous year’s paper to score easily. 

Tip 4: Sleep is Your Secret Weapon 

It’s a myth that pulling an all-nighter will save your day unless you don’t have a problem zoning out in the examination room. You need sleep, my friend! Rest those weary noggins so your brain can process on D-day.  

Tip 5: Positivity is Your Power Play 

Negativity is like a magnet that sucks all the positive energy when you need them the most. So last but not least of the XAT preparation tips, stay positive, believe in yourself, and channel your inner energy. It’s important to know that even if you mess up one question, you could have been in a worse position. 

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On a summing note, XAT 2024 isn’t the end of your story, you have still a way to go in making a career in management.

So give it your best shot while you still can, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next XAT topper sharing your wisdom with the newbies next year. 

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