Is 40 a Good Score in XAT? A Guide to Analyse your XAT Percentile

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Is 40 a Good Score in XAT: If you are wondering, “Is 40 a good score in XAT?” then you might have already taken the XAT 2024 exam or were staring at your XAT score a few moments ago. Either way, you can rest assured that a 40 in XAT can be the gateway to more than 160 B-schools in India. But if you are still panicking over what is a decent score in XAT, then let us help you dissect this score from a beginner’s perspective. You will understand the percentiles, and past trends, and even witness a sprinkle of good measures. So, grab your caffeine (or whatever you feel like), strap in, and figure out together if your XAT score deserves a high-five or hug. 

What is a Good Score in XAT?

With all due honesty, no student second guesses the difficulty and competency level of XAT as one of the top 10 MBA tests in India. The exam alone witnesses more than 1 lakh applicants every year, not to mention the number of students competing for a spot in XAMI-approved institutions. So, the probability of analysing your score as good or average is correlated to the performance of other aspirants. Nonetheless, you can use the figures below to scale your performance from bad to average to good:

XAT 2024 Estimated Score(Out of 100)Estimated XAT 2024 Percentile
40.5-3999+ Percentile
35-3395+ Percentile
32-3193+ Percentile
30-2990+ Percentile

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Is 40 a Good Score in XAT?

Did you just notice the table above? If yes, then you have your answer right there. A score of 40 means you are compatible with many management schools’ selection criteria with a percentile of 99 or even above. But let’s not lose ground here, as to get into IIM, especially the top tier institutes like IIM Ahmedabad or Bangalore, you should play safer and aim for a perfect score. And in case, you have received a score of 40 in the examination, you can aim for the following management college in India. 

Top MBA Colleges Accepting an XAT Score of 40

Listed below are top MBA colleges accepting XAT score of 40:

List of CollegesEstimated XAT 2024 Cut-off Score
TAPMI, Manipal40-45
XIMB, Bhubaneswar40-42
Great Lakes Institute of Management40-43
FORE School of Management, New Delhi40-42
LIBA, Chennai40-43
BIMTECH, Greater Noida38-40
GIM Goa38-41
IFMR GSB Chennai38-40
KREA University, Sri City38-40
VIT Business School, Bangalore38-40

However, you must note that these are just indicative possibilities based on previous years’ data. The actual cut-offs for 2024 will depend on various factors like the difficulty level of the exam, competition, and the number of seats available.

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What is 40 marks in the XAT Percentile?

A 40 mark in the XAT score means you can expect a 99+ percentile in your scorecard and apply at any top-tier or second-tier business institution in India.

What is a decent score in XAT 2024 exam?

A score of 35-40 or XAT 80+ percentile is pretty decent to obtain considering the difficulty level of the XAT 2024 exam.

What is the XAT percentile of 16 marks?

As per the previous years’ analysis, a score of 15-16 can result in a 70+ XAT percentile in the examination.

This was all about what you can expect from your XAT score of 40 and whether it is good or not. Hopefully, you have got a good insight into the examination marking scheme and are all geared up to start your preparations. For more such informative blogs, check out the Management Exams Section by visiting the  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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