Best Books for JKSET 2023: Exam Preparation and Tips

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Best Books for JKSET 2023: Exam Preparation and Tips

JKSET Exam 2023: JKSET exam is conducted for all those aspirants who wish to apply for Assistant Professor posts in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a state-based eligibility exam. This exam is conducted by the University of Kashmir. The JKSET exam is conducted every year. All those interested can opt for the exam and earn the position.

Best Books for JKSET 2023 

To prepare for the JK SET examination, it is very important for one to get some proper books which will help the aspirant in studying. Here is the list of recommended books which the candidate can go through.

JKSET Books Paper 1

The syllabus for JKSET is the same every year for all the candidates in the state, it never changes. Below mentioned is the list of books and author names from which one can prepare for the JKSET exam. 

Book TitleName of the Author
Teaching Aptitude and Teaching AptitudeRPH Editorial Board
UGC NET/SET, JRF Paper 1 Teaching and Research AptitudeKVS Madaan
Teaching AptitudeAbha Malik

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JKSET Books Paper 2 & 3 

The syllabus of the JKSET exam for Paper 1 and Paper 2 is the same for all aspiring candidates. The table mentioned below shows the list of books and authors which should be read in order to ace the exam:

Name of SubjectJKSET Papers 2 and 3 Books
Arab Culture and Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies by Dr Muheeb Ahad and Dr Khalid Hussain 
ArabicJadara by Junais TP
Chemical ScienceChemistry Made Easy by NEDU
CommerceCommerce Book For Competitive Exams and Olympiads by Yuvraj Bhalla
Computer Science and Islamic StudiesComputer Knowledge by Disha Experts
EconomicsObjective Economics by Sanjay Kumar
EducationB.Ed- Contemporary India and Education by Dr Birbal Saha
Electronics ScienceHandbook Electronics and Communication Engineering by Arihant
EnglishWren and Martin by PC Wren

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Tips to Prepare for JKSET

To prepare for the exam, one should be very disciplined. To begin with, one needs to be familiar with the exam syllabus. 

  • Secondly, prepare a proper schedule accordingly, which the candidate will follow with all his/her heart.
  • Thirdly, one needs to divide his/her time for the subject.
  • Fourth, the candidate should know the best resources.
  • Finally, one will have to understand the parameters which are set by the conducting authority. 

One should always keep in mind that it is very important for one to follow this timetable properly. In order to get good marks and ace the marks, one should be very serious about the exam. 


Is it required to give all three parts for the JKSET exam?

In order to pass the JKSET exam, all aspiring candidates should pass all three papers to qualify for the JKSET examination. To prepare well for the exam, one must give all his/her best. 

Which are the best JKSET books?

There are several books which can be studied to prepare for the JKSET exam. Students should follow the latest version of the books for their preparation. Some of the best books from the student can study is Teaching Aptitude by Abha Malik, Economics by Sanjay Kumar and several others.

How to start preparing for the JKSET exam?

To start preparing for the JKSET exam, one should begin by looking at the syllabus. Once the syllabus is skimmed through, the candidate should then make a timetable. The most important thing about preparing for a competitive exam is, one should be disciplined. 

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information related to the JKSET exam. This blog talked about all the books which are needed to study/prepare for the exam. 

For more such updates do check out our Indian Exams page and, stay tuned with our study abroad experts.

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