How To Improve Reasoning Skills For MBA Entrance Exam?

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How to Improve Reasoning Skills: Reasoning is one of the most important subjects in any competitive examination including the MBA Entrance exams. This subject requires a lot of practice and having an understanding of the question. To master this, some students prefer coaching for understanding reasoning while some believe in self-study. Both require an equal amount of hard work and practice to clear the MBA entrance exams. But how can you improve your reasoning skills in the MBA entrance exam? is a question that comes into the mind of students when they are preparing for the exam.  In the blog, we will discuss ways “How to Improve Reasoning skills for the MBA entrance exam and other exams.

How To Improve Reasoning Skills

Reasoning skills are critical thinking skills that are generated by evaluation, analysis, and synthesis. Not only this, this section includes other skills as well such as problem-solving and creative thinking. These allow students to understand their thought processes and evaluate a specific problem. To help you, we have compiled some points on how these skills can help you ace the reasoning.

Carefully Read Question

Read the questions carefully and understand what is being asked. It is crucial to understand the instructions given and see what is being asked. Evaluate every word given in the question and give more focus on the details where you can have more chances of mistakes. Read the sentence completely and the factual passage instructions carefully. They must be considered in making the decision and make sure to think properly before choosing the correct option. 

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Understand the Question Type

Proper practice is required when you are preparing for reasoning as it helps in understanding the types of questions you are going to face in the examination. It is crucial to identify the kind of question when you are going to solve it. Identifying the question helps in using the different shortcuts, methods, and techniques that you have used while solving the questions during practice. It allows you to solve the question quickly and simply.

Simplification of Data

Good Reasoning questions usually come in a puzzled form which is not easily understandable as sometimes it will require you to read two or more times. You are required to have all the information in mind to proceed further. There is a lot of data given in the reasoning question which you have to note down to get a proper understanding of it. It will help you to solve the question clearly and efficiently. When there is all the data available to you, then you can easily solve the problem.

Recognize Patterns

Recognizing the patterns is another important skill that you must have to excel in the reasoning section. The reasoning questions contain complex situations in which you have to recognize the ‘pattern’ or ‘order’. Having exceptional pattern recognition skills and capabilities helps in improving IQ and conceptual skills to a large extent. There are reasoning questions that include compound geometrical shapes or the number series which are not easily recognizable. In these questions, you have to find the type of pattern or the number that will come next. Proper practice of the pattern questions can help you clear the exam and improve your reasoning skills.

Identify Conditions

Identifying the different kinds of conditions in a question is necessary to solve the questions. The conditions are mostly given in the question of “Statement and Conclusion” type question where you have to provide the answer based on the given statements and conclusion. We have to identify which conclusion follows the statement. Additionally, the questions based on conditional coding-decoding are also where you have to identify the conditions given.  

Create Algorithm

One of the important skills and answer to the question “How to improve reasoning skills for MBA entrance exam”. A step-by-step is an appropriate method to solve a complex problem. Creating an algorithm while solving the problem can help in reaching the final answer effectively. Note down all the data given in the question and find a method to solve the questions available in a step-by-step manner.

Proceed the Sequence in a Systematic Manner

A systematic approach while solving the question in a sequence is crucial for improving reasoning skills. Always use the methodical and constructive method to approach a question. Try to solve the questions in your mind and list the items in the series and symbol series questions. Create the relation between the items given which should be solved step by step. To improve the skills of sequencing in a systematic way you should practice more puzzle questions that contain signs, symbols, and shapes.

Create Diagrams Wherever Necessary

Create the diagrams wherever necessary in the question as it helps in easy understanding of the question. The questions of syllogism in which certain relation is given between things in different statements. In this question, you can create a Venn diagram showing the relationship between the things. A diagram always helps in better understanding the question and answering it effectively.

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What is the weightage of reasoning in the CAT exam?

The weightage of logical reasoning in the CAT exam is 16 per cent consisting of 12 questions from the section. 

What are the different MBA exams in India?

The different MBA exams in India are CAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, XAT, ATMA, IBSAT, and CMAT.

Why are the diagrams necessary for solving the Syllogism question?

The Venn diagram helps in solving syllogism questions easily and effectively. It also helps in creating the relationship between different statements given in the question. 

How can I improve my reasoning skills for MBA entrance exam?

You must study the question carefully before attempting and practising as many questions as possible. Always follow a systematic approach and algorithm while solving the question.

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