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Hi, I’m Professor Owl, and in this blog, I’ll be sharing some Social Justice UPSC exam questions that can really help you with your UPSC exam prep for Mains. Below, you’ll find a bunch of questions along with their answers to give you a head start. So, let’s dive right into the article without any more delay!

📑 Social Justice UPSC Questions Mains, GS 1 (Year-Wise)

Below you can find the year wise questions bank of the Social justice questions that has come in the UPSC examinations year-wise.


📌 Social Justice UPSC Questions Asked in Mains 2021 

1. Discuss the desirability of greater representation to women in the higher judiciary to ensure diversity, equity and inclusiveness. 

2. Can the vicious cycle of gender inequality. poverty, and malnutrition to be broken through microfinancing of women SHGs? Explain with examples. 

3. “Though women in post-Independent India have excelled in various fields, the social attitude towards women and the feminist movement has been patriarchal.” Apart from women education and women empowerment schemes, what interventions can help change this milieu?


📄 Social Justice UPSC Questions Asked in Mains 2020 

1. In order to enhance the prospects of social development, sound and adequate health care policies are needed particularly in the fields of geriatric and maternal health care. Discuss. 

2. “Micro-Finance as an anti-poverty vaccine is aimed at asset creation and income security of the rural poor in India”. Evaluate the role of Self-Help Groups in achieving the twin objectives along with empowering women in rural India. 

3. National Education Policy 2020 is in conformity with the Sustainable Development Goal-4 (2030). It intends to restructure and reorient the education system in India. Critically examine the statement. 


📍 Social Justice UPSC Questions Asked in Mains

Q1. Despite Consistent experience of high growth, India still goes with the lowest indicators of human development. Examine the issues that make balanced and inclusive development elusive. 

Q2. There is a growing divergence in the relationship between poverty and hunger in India. The shrinking of social expenditure by the government is forcing the poor to spend more on non-food essential items squeezing their food-budget – Elucidate. 


💁‍♀️ Social Justice UPSC Questions Asked in Mains 

Q1. Appropriate local community level healthcare intervention is a prerequisite to achieve ‘Health for All’ in India. Explain. 

Q2. Multiplicity of various commissions for the vulnerable sections of the society leads to problems of overlapping jurisdiction and duplication of functions. Is it better to merge all commissions into an umbrella Human Rights Commission? Argue your case. 

Q3. The Citizen’s Charter is an ideal instrument of organisational transparency and accountability, but it has its own limitations. Identify the limitations and suggest measures for greater effectiveness of the Citizen’s Charters. 

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📑 Social Justice UPSC Questions Asked in Mains

Q1. How do pressure groups influence the Indian political process? Do you agree with this view that informal pressure groups have emerged as more powerful than formal pressure groups in recent years? (150 words) 

Q2. ‘The emergence of Self Help Groups(SHGs) in contemporary times points to the slow but steady withdrawal of the state from developmental activities’. Examine the role of the SHGs in developmental activities and the measures taken by the Government of India to promote the SHGs. (250 words) 

Q3. Initially Civil Services in India were designed to achieve the goals of neutrality and effectiveness, which seems to be lacking in the present context. Do you agree with the view that drastic reforms are required in Civil Services. Comment (250 words)

Social Justice UPSC Questions Asked in Mains GS 2 ⬇️

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Is GS paper compulsory?

Yes, the paper is compulsory for all the candidates.

Which UPSC paper is for social justice?

GS 2 paper in the UPSC examinations is generally for social justice.

Is social justice part of prelims?

It is a crucial part in GS I (Society), GS II, GS III, Prelims and personality test.

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