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GATE Aptitude Syllabus

The Graduate Aptitude Portion in Engineering is an entrance exam used for admission to postgraduate programs in India. It is designed to assess a candidate’s thorough comprehension of undergraduate engineering and scientific courses. The GATE exam includes a General Aptitude (GA) section for all subjects. Aptitude syllabus for gate tests your verbal, quantitative, analytical, and spatial skills. An official syllabus with weightage for each topic is available for download on the GATE 2024 website.

GATE Exam Pattern 2024

The detailed exam pattern may vary slightly based on the specific paper you’re taking. It’s important to refer to the official GATE 2024 notification or website for the most accurate and updated information. Here we have mentioned the GMAT Exam Pattern 2024:

Exam Details
Exam Duration
3 hours (180 minutes)
Number of Questions
Total Marks
Question Types
MCQ, Multiple Select, Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
Number of Sections
3 sections (except for some specific papers)
General Aptitude Section
A compulsory section with 10 questions- 5 questions carry 1 mark each- 5 questions carry 2 marks each
Marking SchemeMCQs:
– 1 mark for each correct answer
– Deduction of 1/3 mark for every wrong answer
– No negative marking for Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions

Important Subsections in GATE 2024

The exam covers 30 subjects and was held in February 2024. In total, the GA section is worth 15 marks out of 100 on the GATE exam. This table lists the different sections and their respective subsections in the GATE General Aptitude Syllabus for 2024.

Basic English grammarVerbal Aptitude
Basic vocabulary
Reading and comprehension
Data interpretationQuantitative Aptitude
Numerical computation and estimation
Mensuration and Geometry
Elementary Statistics and Probability
LogicAnalytical Aptitude
Critical Thinking
Transformation of shapesSpatial Aptitude

Detailed General Aptitude Syllabus for 2024

You must practice a lot of questions, be consistent, and go over things again if you want to do well on the GATE. This table lists each section, its description, and the topics covered within each section. You can use this as a reference for further organisation or study purposes.

SectionTopics Covered
Verbal AptitudeVocabulary, tenses, articles, idioms, comprehension, reading, conjunctions, adjectives, words and phrases, prepositions, narrative sequencing, verb-noun agreement, critical reasoning, and sentence completion.
Analytical AptitudeAnalogical reasoning, logical reasoning, reasoning ability, number relations, analogy, logic-induction, deduction.
Spatial AptitudeShape transformation, assembling, mirroring, rotation, scaling, translation, paper folding, 2-D and 3-D patterns, grouping, and paper cutting.
Numerical AptitudeGeometry, elementary statistics and probability, data graphs, data interpretation, numerical reasoning, mensuration, numerical computation, and estimation.

How to Prepare GATE 2024 General Aptitude Section?

You can reach your goal by setting a strict daily study routine, taking brief notes, and setting goals for yourself. Below we have listed certain tips and tricks to ace the GATE exam general aptitude section.

Verbal Ability:

  • Expand vocabulary: Learn new words daily and practice using them in your speech and writing.
  • Read diverse materials: Read novels, articles, and non-fiction to increase comprehension and fluency.
  • Practice writing: Express yourself clearly and concisely. Focus on grammar, structure, and coherence.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Master the fundamentals: Numbers, percentages, ratios, averages, algebra (basic operations, equations)
  • Practice core topics: Time & distance, work & time, profit & loss, mixtures & alligations, mensuration (2D & 3D)
  • Increase your speed and accuracy: Solving fractions, decimals, percentages conversions, and estimation should be at your fingertips


What is aptitude syllabus for GATE?

Verbal ability (English grammar, critical reasoning) and numerical ability (computation, data interpretation) are covered.

Is aptitude syllabus same for all branches in GATE?

Yes, it’s uniform across branches, focusing on general aptitude and language comprehension skills.

What is the aptitude weightage for GATE exam?

Typically around 15% of total marks, though it may vary slightly yearly.

How can I improve my aptitude for GATE?

Practice regularly, understand concepts, solve past papers, take mock tests, and seek clarifications when needed.

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