Bar Council of India: Definition, Composition, and Functions

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Bar Council of India

Section 4 of the Advocates Act of 1961 states the formation of the Bar Council of India (BCI). Moreover, it is created to look after the legal practice and education throughout India. Furthermore, the members of BCI are the lawyers of India. Additionally, the Bar Council of India acts as a regulatory body for lawyers in India, setting ethical codes, handling disciplinary matters, and overseeing legal education. They also determine which universities offer qualifying law degrees for aspiring advocates. In this blog, we will cover everything about the Bar Council of India. 

Composition of Bar Council of India

Moreover, here is the Composition of the Bar Council of India:

  • Elected members along with ex-officio members make up the whole BCI. 
  • Every State Bar Council (SBC) selects one member to be a part of this Council. 
  • BCI must have a Chairman and vice chairman both should be in the office for the tenure as long as they are a member of SBC. 
  • BCI has its Committees too:
    • Disciplinary Committee (one or more)
    • Legal Aid Committee (one or more)
    • Executive Committee
    • Legal Education Committee
    • Other Committees (if necessary)

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Functions of the Bar Council of India

In addition, Section 7 states the Functions of the BCI, which are:

  • Sets ethical codes for lawyers (conduct & etiquette)
  • Handles lawyer discipline through its own & state committees
  • Protects lawyer rights and interests
  • Advocates for legal reform
  • Addresses issues raised by state bar councils
  • Oversees and sets standards for legal education (with universities & state councils)
  • Recognizes universities awarding qualifying law degrees
  • Organizes legal seminars and publishes legal materials
  • Provides legal aid to the underprivileged
  • Recognizes foreign law qualifications (for practice in India)
  • Manages and invests Bar Council funds
  • Establishes procedures for electing Bar Council members

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Who is eligible for the Bar Council of India?

People with a law degree of 3/5 years from a recognized institute are eligible for the Bar Council of India.

Who is the Bar Council chairman of India?

Shri Manan Kumar Mishra is the Bar Council Chairman of India.

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Well with this we come to an end about the Bar Council of India. We are sure you might want to dig deeper into Civics and Polity, so visit us now. 

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