Best IGCSE Board Schools in India: Check List and Fees

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Best IGCSE Board Schools in India

Many IGCSE board schools in India offer world-class education to students. Instead of focussing on textual knowledge as opposed to CBSE, the IGCSE board emphasises developing critical thinking through real-world experiences, practical knowledge and case studies. With world-class, cross-stream courses students get to choose from more than 70 subjects in IGCSE Board schools in India. In IGCSE board schools in India, students can leverage the Cambridge grading system which allows students to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. 

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This examination holds the reputation of an internationally recognized qualification which caters to 14-16 years of students. Formulated by the University of Cambridge Assessment, it is an English language-based examination. Since it is accepted by some of the top universities in the world and also by employers globally, this examination system surely helps students to become global citizens. 

What makes IGCSE so famous is the fact that it does not have a fixed syllabus and instead gives students the choice to choose subjects and also the freedom to select books for the disciplines they have chosen. 

There are around 10,000 schools globally that recognise IGCSE. There are also IGCSE board schools in India which are recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Higher Education Dept. and the Govt. of India. 

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Features of the IGCSE Board

  • IGCSE board schools in India hold the reputation of providing education that meets global standards. 
  • If a student wants to pursue higher education abroad, then going to one of the  IGCSE board schools in India is the best option.
  • The IGCSE board promotes gaining knowledge over prioritising marks preparing students for a brighter future.
  • It helps students to gain a better perspective on things that help them to build a better understanding and develop maturity. 
  • By normalising cultural diversity, students get to embrace the beauty of cultural differences and become part of globalisation in all its glory. 

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List of Best IGCSE Board Schools in India

Name of School StateGradesTuition Fee (INR)
Appejay International School Sheikh Sarai, DelhiNursery – Grade 1258,000/Quarter
D.A.V Public School Pitampura, DelhiNursery – Grade 126,400/Month
DPS International Saket, DelhiGrade5 – Grade1217,525/Month
Maharaja Agarsain Public School Ashok Vihar, DelhiLKG – Grade1235,000/Year
Richmond Global School Mianwali Nagar, DelhiKG – Grade124,620/Month
The Ardee School New Friends Colony,  DelhiPre Nursery – Grade1299,542/Quarter
The British School Chanakyapuri, DelhiNursery – Year131,76,500/Quarter
Venkateshwar Global SchoolRohini, DelhiNursery – Grade1220,000/Quarter
Alpine Convent SchoolGurgaon, HaryanaPre-Montessori – Class1210,500/Month
Amity Global School Gurgaon, HaryanaPre Nursery – Class1260,000/Quarter

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Pros and Cons of the IGCSE Board

Like every board, IGCSE also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Check out the pros and cons of the IGCSE Board below:

Advantages of the IGCSE Board Schools in India

  •  IGCSE is known for preparing students as global citizens by normalizing cultural diversity. 
  • It helps in strengthening the individual strengths of students and inspiring them to follow their passion. 
  • The IGCSE curriculum is formulated to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students which are aligned with global standards of quality education. 

Disadvantages of the IGCSE Board Schools in India

  • There is no other language option to choose from as a preferred language of studying other than English. 
  • In the Indian context, sending a child to an IGCSE board school can be quite expensive for parents.
  • Some subjects in the IGCSE curriculum can be quite difficult making it hard for students to do well as it requires a lot of practice and hard work to gain conceptual clarity.

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Q1. Which board is better – CBSE or IGCSE?

Ans. In terms of difficulty, it is easier to score on the CBSE board as it gauges textual knowledge rather than examining students problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Therefore, IGCSE is more difficult as compared to CBSE. 

Q2. Which school is regarded as the best IGCSE board school in India?

Ans. Appejay International School in Sheikh Sarai, Delhi is regarded as the best IGCSE board school in India. Established in 1975 it came into existence to satisfy the educational needs of the Southern part of the Metropolis, of Delhi.

Q3. Does the Indian government recognize the IGCSE board?

Ans. Yes, the IGCSE board is recognized by the prestigious CISCE, CBSE and state education boards in India. It is accepted as a qualification for entry to class 11 and higher education courses. IGSCE is regarded as a class 10 qualification, which is necessary for admission to undergraduate courses in India.

Although the IGCSE board curriculum can be quite challenging for students it can surely prepare them to strive for a brighter future. Known for inculcating important skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, a student can surely become well-versed in the ideas to become a global citizen. Therefore, for students who want to study abroad, it is best for them to go to one of the IGCSE board schools in India. 

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