The First Mughal Emperor: Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur

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Mughal dynasty was a Muslim empire in the Indian Subcontinent. This dynasty was a Turkic-Mongol origin dynasty throughout the early 16th and mid 18th century. This was the era of the dynasty’s success and increase. However, till the mid-nineteenth century, the Mughal Empire continued to be a weak and powerless entity. Mughal dynasty is one of the most influential known dynasties in India that ruled in a major part of erstwhile India. The ruler of the Mughal dynasty maintained their control and power for almost seven generations. The first Mughal emperor was Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur who began this series of rule. 

About Babur

Babur was the fifth generation of Turkic conqueror Timur. The latter built his empire in the late 14th century and spread throughout central Asia and Iran. 

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Full NameZahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad
Posthumous NameFirdaws Makani (‘Dwelling in Paradise’)
Birth14 February 1483
Death26 December 1530
BirthplaceAndijan in the Fergana Valley (now in Uzbekistan)
AncestryDescendant of Timur and Genghis Khan through father and mother respectively
FatherUmar Shaikh Mirza II (1456–1494, governor of Fergana from 1469 to 1494)
Great-Great-Great-GrandfatherTimur (1336–1405)
AchievementsFounder of the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent

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Mughal Dynasty

The Mughal Empire was spread through Suonth Asia from the outer fringes of the Indus River basin from the direction west, Kashmir from the North, the northwestern area was covered with northern Afghanistan, and the east was covered with highlands of present-day Assam. The Mughal dynasty achieved maximum spread and success at the time of Aurangzeb. Moreover, the first Mughal emperor also did a great job in achieving the base of the Mughal Dynasty. 

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